Friday, August 29, 2014

August Favorites, Part II + Friday Freestyles


Yes. And I type that in BIG font.


And it's the beginning of a 5 day weekend for me. That is right! 5 DAYS.

I don't come back to work until NEXT Thursday. How awesome is that.

And there is a holiday coming up.

Right there, you just got a few of my favorite things all rolled up into one tidy package!

Too bad it will be raining this weekend. I was considering going to Cowgirl Cre's family gathering. I don't know if that's going down now. I don't like driving distance in the rain. We shall see.

Anyway, more favorites...

Retirement.  Someone in the cubicle area is retiring today. Mr. Babu!

Bye sir! I didn't know you well, but holler!

He is in The Cowgirl Cre's workgroup. They had him working hard up until the end. I asked him yesterday, "Listen, you need some help packing up?"

He didn't respond. And I walked off.

I saw him walking around with his lab coat on. I just shook my head. He and I were fighting with the printer the other day, and I wondered silently to myself, why is he worried about it?

I asked Cre about it.

"Girl, he might be trying to print out his retirement paperwork. He needs that printer to work."

I hope. Looked to me like he might be trying to do some actual lab work.

You better HOPE I do some work when I am running up on retirement. Ya best catch me 6 months beforehand. It slows way down after that.

Alas, that is in the future.

Babu had a fabulous cake.

I am not sure what that line "See what happens is..."  I guess it means, see what happens after retirement is...

I think it's GREAT. I am always happy to see someone retire. Always. I took his picture. I congratulated him and gave him a hearty handshake. Enjoy your retirement!

August favorites continues. I have to say that the best movie I've seen all year is one I saw in August:

Oh my! I love sci-fi movies! This was sci-fi on some OTHER level.

That Lucy was a complete bad azz!

Just crazy! Scarlett J. played that part!

It is the story of a woman who gets forced into being a drug mule for some synthetic drugs. The folks sewed them into her intestines and the bag busts, and she gets an overdose of drugs that cause her to go from using 10% of brain to using a full 100% of her mind. Note: it is thought that we only use 10% of our brain capacity. The jury is out on that. Overall, I loved the hypothetical aspects of the movie.

So this chick goes from being someone who seems a bit esteem challenged to mind control and pure brilliance.

Here are the american and international trailers.

Now it got mixed reviews. I don't think that you would like it if you are not a fan of sci-fi. I think I liked this movie so much because I have been doing quite a bit of reading on the human mind, quantum science and how that all is tied into our spirituality. And for some reason, this movie skated real close to all of that in some way. So you know I enjoyed it. And the special effects were off the charts. It almost overloaded my mind, honey.

I want to find the bootleg and see it again.

LOL. I may just go see it again. It was that good to me.

August Favorite songs.  You know I been on some ol' Johnny Gill craziness. Here is a song that I'd never heard before. But I thought it was very nice. "In the Mood".

When did that song come out? Never heard it before this month. I don't listen to the radio, so I guess that is why I haven't heard it.

Another song on heavy rotation: "Rome's "I Belong to You"...

Hmmm... Those videos are a bit too racy for The House of LadyLee. Afterall, this is a rated G blog. And I am quite virginal, pure as freshly fallen morning snow. That is too much for my eyes.

But I like those songs.

That's it for my August favorites. I am sure you have yours.

My favorite real life funny of the day.

Boss glides up to my desk and starts a convo. And from left field (as usual) she kicks in a familar question.

"Can you act [as workgroup supervisor] the rest of the day?"

I stare at her, not believing she is asking this question.  My stare was similar to that of Sister Callie's.

It's that shell shocked look.

No one likes to be in charge when the supervisor is gone. I always lobby for the youngsters in the group to be in charge. But no one is going for that.

"What time you leaving?" I ask, when I snap out of my trance of unbelief.

"12 noon."

"Well I'm leaving at 12:01!"

She rolls her eyes.

"You better hope there's no catastrophe when you leave."

"Anyway," she says as she walks off...

So I am in charge the rest of the day.

I am going to go around and talk to everybody to see what they are doing. But they best have it all together by 3:00 pm., as the blinds of mind are slowly closing... Oh so slowly.

Yet I have the urge to stand up in the cubicle area and holler on purpose "Er'body can go home!!"


That would be a hoot!

Alas, i can't do that.

But I can yell to YOU to...

"Have a good and safe holiday weekend!!"

On purpose.


  1. LOL @ "And I am quite virginal, pure as freshly fallen morning snow".

    I'm not a fan of sci-fi so I will catch Lucy when it hits the Redbox.

  2. The "See what happens is" how he starts off his many explaination about stuff. It is your sign that you should have dipped out a few minutes sooner and just brace yourself for his long winded spill about whatever. My group will miss him. That dude just turned 71 !! I know I would have retired a LOOOOONNG time ago if I was in his shoes.


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