Monday, August 11, 2014

Good Monday Morning

Good Monday Morning, ya'll.

Not all that happy about going to work today, but I am thankful anyway.

Today was a SLOW weekend on purpose. That is because the end of my weeks have been long workdays and I have been totally exhausted.   So I have been keeping my weekends as quiet as possible. No grocery shopping, no errand running, no nothing. I bWhatever I do, I better do around the house. And for me that meant chores. And I did a LOT of sleeping. A lot.

But I had to leave the house once this weekend. I had to take Sister Callie Jo to the vet.

Last weekend, I was looking at her foot, and the pad was cut. And it was looking all black and nasty. And you know what that means: infection. I had wild imaginations of having to get her foot cut off. I thought I would have to tie a tree branch to her leg so she could walk right.

I talked to my coworker Mel. She worked in a vet clinic once. She told me to look at it and to stick her foot in a bowl of peroxide. I frowned at this. I wanted no part of an angry cat.

But it worked fine. And I made her an appointment at the vet to be on the safe side. No, I didn't want to spend a hundred dollars to have her foot looked at, but if it was infected, best get it taken care of.

So I soaked her foot in a bowl of peroxide for all of ten seconds. Then I cleaned it with a q-tip. She didn't give me too much fuss. She seemed to be shocked at the process. All that nastiness was kitty litter. I cleaned it up, and she was confined to her cage for a couple of days with some paper kitty litter. (She refused to use it and threw it out the litter box, which pissed me off.)  Then I wrapped her foot up with some gauze. And here she is, contemplating some shenanigans, i.e., thinking about how to knock that fan over.

Even with a wrapped foot, she's trying to start some mess. She is constantly knocking things over, and in that picture above, she is eyeing that fan. And every time I go to put on my sneakers, there are interesting gifts inside, like bottle caps and paper and coins. Sigh.

So I put her in her crate on Saturday and I took her to the vet. She remembers that place well, and was shaking the whole time and wanted to be held.

But guess what? They said her foot was healing just fine. I was also concerned about her slightly swollen lip and they said that came from just chewing on stuff. (Yes, she likes to chew on cardboard and sponges).

And I was not charged a dime.

I hurried Callie into her crate (and she was more than happy to go and hide inside), and I hurried out before they could change their mind.

And that was my weekend excitement.

I am not sure what the week will bring, but I am hopeful for a good one. I have another week on this detail- possibly two- and I will go back to the laid back stylings of my old group. I am having to walk from building to building right now and that is too much going on. The people of the group are nice enough, but it is mostly, uh... melanine challenged folks, so I try to just do what I have to do, smile, and keep moving forward. They all seem to go out to lunch together, etc. I am not invited, and if I was, I wouldn't go. I rarely go out to lunch with people. On purpose.

Anyway, I have gotten some of my questions answered. It has been more of a recon mission for me... go figure out what the world they are doing, and think about it.

Now, this group is working with, and the odors are causing me problems.

"How you like it over there," a couple of coworker said.

"It's alright," I said. "But it make me want some weed!"

That gets the O_O look. Oh well. I'm just telling the truth.

One day last week, I was looking like Pookie in New Jack City.

Ya'll see how he was feening... the smell of to.bacc.o is doing that to me for some reason. Sigh.


Don't worry. I'll be good. No weed for me, honey.

That's it for me...

Song of the Week. I don't know what my problem is, but I have been listening to quite a bit of Johnny Gill lately. I'm not the biggest fan, but oh well.

I really like that song. I can't believe that it is close to 25 years old. That's an oldie but goodie.

Well that's it for me. We are still in sweepstakes mode, and every one is in a comfortable jog heading for the finish line. So comment for your chance to win. You've had a ton of opportunities.

Make your money honey! On purpose!

And have a great week!


  1. I had big plans to do yard work and do some cleaning, but somehow I ended up resting, because my body said so, so I did. Glad the fix worked for your to get through today...

  2. Callie Jo's antics tickle me so. I have just been getting ready for this upcoming school year. Much, much prayer is going on over here on how to lead my grade level.

  3. I vegged out this weekend. Meant to go out. Just wasn't feeling it.

    Glad Callie J is fine.

    You wanted weed after being around tobacco lol

  4. Glad Miss Callie is healing. But seriously, what is with that giant fan?? I can picture you turning it on and taking pictures with your hair blowing in the wind!! lol

    1. Honey, I bought 3 fans when my house AC went out. I meant to take that big one back, but I couldnt find my recent. But that fan is AWESOME! What little hair I have does blow in the wind, lol.

    2. Lee we know you get your Beyonce on while listening to Chaka Khan or someone. :)

  5. I have been on the run quite a bit lately. I can't remember the last time I had a weekend with nothing planned. And I'm not seeing one in the near future. I'm torn because I feel like I need to experience all that life has to offer. But then I'm tired during the week. Something's gotta give.

  6. Callie is sooooooo big now.

  7. I live for Callie Jo!

    I'm ready for a relaxing weekend. Haven't had one in almost a month. Hopefully next weekend I can get my relaxing on because I need it.

  8. My weekend was busy I got married on Saturday Sunday was spent return suits and cleaning my house before our mini vacation. Maybe I can relax this weekend before back to work next week.

    1. Congrats! Gift coming!

    2. Thanks Lee !! We now have the same last name :)

  9. Free vet visit? You should have played the lottery since you have that good luck juju!

    Glad Sweet Callie is ok.

    1. Girl I got out of there QUICK. Because I am usually dropping $100 just from walking in the door. Sigh.


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