Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Milk and Cookies, Jr. First Day of School!

Time sure does fly...

Case in point... Milk and Cookies Junior started kindergarten this year.

Here he is on his first day with his new teacher.

I am wondering what Milk and Cookies 3.0 was doing in the picture. He cheesing like it's his first day of school.

Actually it was a meet and greet open house, just so the kids can see the classroom and meet their teacher.

Here's Milk and Cookies Jr. on his REAL first day of school:

He looks fresh faced and ready to go! No tears here!

And here he is walking to school.

That back pack look as big as him.

And here he is walking away from his Mama.

I know she cried.  I myself got all teary-eyed when I saw the pictures.

He even made a new friend.

 It is always good to have a friend to play with...

Go Milk and Cookies, Jr!

Glad you had a good first day of school!


  1. Good Lawd, if that boy don't look just like his daddy! Enjoy your first day lil homie!

  2. Anonymous2:37:00 PM

    Too cute.

  3. Aww time sure flies. He looks so cute. Yeah M and C 3.0 that is his first day of school too. LOL.

  4. Yay!!! Happy first day of school Milk and Cookies Jr!!

  5. His mommy just carried him because he is a spitting image of his daddy.

    I like the picture with him and his new friend. Kids can make friends so easily.

  6. Aww .. It seems just like yesterday you were sharing he was born now he is in school.

  7. Anonymous3:45:00 PM

    He really does look like a Mini Me of daddy!

    Very cute!


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