Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Happy 27th Birthday, Milk and Cookies!

I would be remiss if I didn't wish my little brother a Happy Birthday...

Happy Birthday Milk and Cookies!!!
Happy 27th Birthday, that is.


My goodness. He is moving in on 3 decades. OH MY.

Life sure does move fast.

You sure have grown up. You've fought over in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And I am glad you made it back.

You even have little kids now.

Who would have ever thought that?

But what I hope and wish for you is that year 27, day 9862, is just as hopeful and bright as day 0, your first few seconds of life... 

And just as hopeful and bright as your 365th day of life.

That's my hope and dream for YOU, Milk and Cookies.

So enjoy your day!

Love, Lisa.


  1. He looks like Cisco in that second picture. Happy Birthday M&C!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! Take your bike out for a spin !! Enjoy your day !

  3. Anonymous2:42:00 PM

    What a wonderful birthday wish from a sister. Hope he has a wonderful day!

  4. Happy birthday Milk and Cookies!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to your big little brother. Lol

  6. Happy Birthday Milk and Cookies!


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