Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Food for Thought: Conditions, Circumstances, and Conclusions

For Lisa B. and Serenity23, since they looooove and crave my food-for-thought psots...

Here's a quote that I've had laying around for at least a year. And it speaks volumes to me every time I read it:

Never quit anything with long term potential because of your current conditions. Your current conditions are not your final conclusion.

That's only a few words, but it is power packed. Well at least to me, it is.

You know what I figured out a few years ago?

When I am highly upset about a situation or some mess that pops off, it is because I feel like it is always going to be like this. Instead of viewing it as a temporary matter, one that will be solved, I assume it will always be that way.

When in fact, my current conditions are NOT my final conclusion.

I'm not "stuck".

I like to read the above quote like this:

Never quit anything with long term potential because of your current circumstances. Your current circumstances are not your final conclusion.

One slight change in wording... means the same thing, but slightly different.

I feel, as I look around at society, and even within my own self at times, that so much is dependent on circumstances. We are SO trained in reacting to circumstances. Our emotions are wrapped so tight around them. And this is no big fault of our own. We come into the world like that. We are like that as children. And we are raised, and we become adults.

But we are still like that. Everything is dependent on circumstances.

Circumstances = the CIRCLE in which we STAND.

And this circle in which we stand... it is constantly moving. It doesn't stay in the same. It's like a spotlight moving all along the floor. Constantly moving and changing.

The older I get, the more I understand that my current circumstances are not the final verdict. And I don't need to react to them like they are the final conclusion to the matter. I have a whole treasure trove of personal experience, and when I mix that with a little faith, I can not let the circle in which I stand overwhelm my heart.

And that's a good thing.

And trust me, I am still working on it. 

One of the most glaring "current condition" moments of my life was back in 2002, when I was diagnosed with lupus. Once the doctor said, "Looks like you have lupus", all kinds of images formed in my mind, mostly of people who had died. And I remember hearing myself say what was on my mind at the time.  And it was something that came out...

"Is it fatal?"

He said no, you may outlive us all.

And just looking back over the past 12 years, through the ups and down, this chronic illness "circumstance", this circle in which I stand, has raised it's ugly head. Should I let it determine whether I buy this house or not? Should I buy this car? Should I travel? Should I tell reveal this to him? Will I be able to work? And on and on and on....

And I have to douse those fears with something someone told me...

You will work.
You will play.
And always remember, most importantly... you will live.

And I am glad I have those words. They are faith-filled words, so big that they are bursting at the seams. They are almost too big to hold on to. But I won't let them slip out of my arms... or my heart. 

I've had to take those words and give them to folks who are newly diagnosed. And let them know at the same time to go head on full speed ahead, to pursue their dreams, to do whatever they must do or desire to do. Don't let this "circumstance" cause you to quit.

With that said... the quote can be modified even further: 

Never quit because of your current circumstances. Your current circumstances are not your final conclusion. 

Really though.

And I say the same thing to you today.

And I remind myself of the same thing today.

Don't let the current circumstances dictate your life. They don't have the final word. Push forward.

So you REALLY got a food-for-thought today.  This had a freestyle personal feel to it, didn't it?

Take it and run with it... 


  1. Anonymous4:14:00 PM

    LadyLee, You know I love "food for thought" posts!

    This one is so true! So many times, I have wanted to give up due to my circumstances when victory was just around the corner.


  2. unityfalls7:34:00 PM

    This was so on time today. Love these posts too.

  3. Anonymous3:19:00 PM

    just what I needed TODAY
    dee in san diego

  4. This reminds me of another one: Never make a long term decision based on a right now situation.

  5. *standing ovation*

    This post was right on time for me.

  6. Anonymous1:06:00 PM

    I copied and posted this on Pinterest. This quote and your one word rewrite make a lot of sense. All too often, we can't or don't see the forest for the trees and forfeit opportunities and experiences that can benefit us.

    Had I not seen the potential in myself, I'd have not succeeded to where I am today. Through so many negative experiences, I wanted to quit, but by sheer will and the grace of God, I overcame and can stand tall now.

    Even my relationship with My Love wouldn't have matured to where it is now if I'd given in to my fight or flight mode. Flight was usually all the one with the upper hand.

    Thanks for sharing this and allowing me to share it with others. I hope it continues to inspire.


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