Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Quotable Quotes

Here are some interesting quotes I've read on Facebook this week.

Successful people make progress. Unsuccessful people make excuses. 

The struggling you do today will develop the strength you need for tomorrow.- James Baldwin.

And my favorite one this week:

When you die, folks are going to put you in a box. Don't let them put you in a box while you're living. 

Live, love, and laugh outside the box.

You got that right.


  1. I used to print, save or write out quotes. I need to start doing that again.

  2. Yes, about the box it!

  3. Anonymous11:10:00 AM

    Ok, maybe i have a sick sense of humor but the box quote made me laugh out loud!!! I read it in the voice of a southern elderly aunt ...who was giving me the side eye while holding a lit cigarette with smoke wafting from it.


    1. Lol dont forget the neck roll and hand on the hip

    2. Yes!! LOL! In her housecoat and shoes.

  4. Good Quotes

  5. I saw that box quote on Facebook too and just nodded my head. That's a great quote to live by!

  6. I love love love the box quote. The others were pretty good too! Living outside of my box!


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