Thursday, August 21, 2014

Big Birds (Everything's Bigger)

I enjoyed hanging out with my brother last week.

And I talked with him about what he thinks of Denver, the city where he is now stationed.

He thinks it's nice. Lots to do.

But he said something that caught my attention.

"Everything's bigger in Denver. Even the squirrels and birds are bigger."

"Big squirrels and birds?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said, as he picked up his phone and peered at the screen. "I'll show you. Let me pull up some photos."

And that he did.

Here he is with Milk and Cookies, Junior... and some baby birds.

Both of them look rather excited. Especially Milk and Cookies, Jr. (Yet the boy hasn't mastered the megawatt smile of his father. LOL)

He said he'd come home from work and they were just sitting on the hood of his pick-up truck. He thinks the mother pushed them out of the nest in a tree in his front yard. So he put them in a shoe box.

And they looked like they were posing.

Look how furry they are. And look at the beak.

Those are big birds. They are NOTHING close to the little brown thrashers, blue jays, and red cardinals I see flying so lovingly around my beloved Georgia. Look at the beak on those things.

What the heck kind of bird is that? Is that a doggone vulture or something? Wow.

My brother said that the birds just sat there. They didn't do anything while he was watching them, but time they saw him look away, they would try to scurry away.

He said the mother picked them back up out of the yard. I guess they weren't ready to leave the nest.

And I guess everything is bigger in Denver. Those birds prove it.

Hopefully I will get out there to see for myself soon enough.


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