Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Prisoner of Love (Sing, Sister Callie Jo)

 "I'm a Prisoner of Love!!!!"
 "I'm just a Prisoner of Looooooooove!"

 "I'm just a Prisoner of Love!"
 "Oh yeah, oh yeah... a Prisoner of Love"
 "Yes... I am just a Prisoner of Love."
Yes Sister Callie is a Prisoner of Love. I don't know what about the Love Part. But you're definitely a prisoner, Sister Callie.

I would rather her run free. And she usually does when I am at home. But during the day, she is in her cage, which sits in the dining room. And if she acts a fool at night (where I can't sleep because of her shenanigans), she stays in her cage.

She just has too much energy. There is nothing worse than hearing stuff crashing to the ground in the middle of the night. And the other day, she dragged my hair clippers from the living room to the kitchen. And she has poked holes in my shower curtain liner. Sigh.

Both she and Oscar follow me from room to room. If there is too much ruckus, I go to another room, and here they both come. She has even figured out how to crawl up in the box springs and the sofa. I don't know what she does inside each, but it is noisy.

So she goes in her cage.  I don't even have to tell her to go in. I just give her a look... and she knows, uh... time for me to be a Prisoner of Love.

And even then, she tares up stuff. Tracks it up with litter. Ugh. So it only gets cleaned real good once a week. (She doesn't seem to care.)

I like her better when she is like this....

And even then, you can tell she is looking at something, and her mind is working hard on how she is going to get to it and tare it up. (She is looking over at Oscar laid out on the ottoman. And moments later, she's gonna jump on him... shock him awake. And a fight ensues. And it is NEVER pretty. No indeed).

I really like her when she is like this...

Asleep. Calm.

She looks like she is dreaming... about taring up stuff. (In this one, she'd just finished eating some chinese orange glazed chicken. That knocked her completely out. Hmmmm).

Oh well, the life of a kitten who's getting bigger and bigger.

I'm just glad Sister Callie is happy and healthy...

...And she can be all that in her cage



  1. Anonymous10:47:00 AM

    I hear Sis Callie singing SET ME FREEEEEEE!!!!



  2. Anonymous3:23:00 PM

    I may be super late. I had no idea you have a new cat. I wonder if Oscar Tyrone likes Callie...probably not.


    1. Baby you so late to the party... LOL. You will have to look back at past posts to see Sister Callie.

      And Oscar doesn't like her. Well, I think he does when no one is looking.

  3. Sister Callie just looks bad. lol

  4. Anonymous10:11:00 PM

    omg she is getting so big, so fast!


  5. Anonymous1:51:00 AM

    Free Sister Callie Jo!!!! *waves post-it placard*


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