Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Freestyles


And it is PAYDAY!

Heck man... I might just leave early today.

*packing up bags and leaving*

Alas, that won't happen.

And another thing that won't happen today is the Sweepstakes drawing. I am moving that to Monday. Too bad because Commander By lotioned up his hands and clipped his nails so as to pull. But I still have to finish my entries list and cut everything out. So that is gonna take a couple more hours at least. And I will do that this weekend.

So never fear! The drawing is near.

And it is a beautiful day in the ATL. In fact, the last 3 days have been gorgeous. I even did a little yard work last evening. I have found that if I can catch a 3 or 4 day span of no rain, I can work a half hour out in the yard each evening and get all the grass cut and hedges and trimming done. It's just too overwhelming to do all that at one time.

I have one more week of this detail left. I want to keep working, but my boss gave me the evil eye this morning. That let me know that I can't pull a fast one on her. Sigh. Oh well. It took this long to have some "eureka" moments. I need another 30 days. Not gonna happen. 

In other news, the Financial Fast ended this week. That was interesting. I must say that I miss the hour long conference calls we've been having in the evenings. Some days I looked forward to it.  And some days I didn't. But I miss talking to everyone. And even though I did the financial fast back in March, I am now able to tighten down on a couple of goals I had, and to make a couple of new ones. And that's a good thing.

Song of the Week. Some Dru Hill...

What is up with me and these sangers from the 90s lately? Hmm...

I would like to thank everyone for the Happy Bloggaversary wishes. And thank you for participating in the Sweepstakes. I hope you win! 

I am looking forward to a GOOD weekend. I have been wiped out and exhausted from working like a dog the past couple of weeks. Thus the past couple of weekends have been as quiet as possible. So I will get out this weekend. The Financial Fast Lockdown is over, so I can go do a couple of things I want to do (which I have budgeted, of course). I have been wanting to go to the movies. So I am going. Doggonit. And Lucy Jr. needs to be ran through somebody's carwash... bad.

And I have a bazillion errands to run. Fun, fun, fun!

So I am jumping out the bed tomorrow morning with both feet and running hard. Yes indeed. 

You have a good weekend... On purpose. 


  1. unityfalls11:10:00 AM

    You have good weekend too.

  2. Have a good weekend too Lee. Weeks after your post I still have Angela Winbush's voice in my head. Lol.

  3. Hope you had a good weekend!


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