Thursday, August 28, 2014

August Favorites, Part I

The month of August is coming to an end pretty fast.

And I have this thing about reflecting on the highlights of my month.

One of those highlights involved my FAVORITE author in the whole wide world, Tayari Jones.

Now if you haven't read this blog much over the last 9 years, you won't know of allll my stalker stan antics concerning this chick.  She is my favorite author and I have harassed her endlessly. These days, I actually consider her my friend. Or it may be that she just think I am plum crazy. And it might be good to keep an eye on "crazy". But I don't think that's the case. She is Celie. I am Nettie. And she has mentored me in my own writing. Over the years, I have called her up and asked her some questions and she will answer. Now, I will debate her down about it. But she's the creative writer (and she also teaches on the universtiy level)... alas, I take her advice and it is always right. Always.

But she is one of the silliest people I know. I been somewhere with her and she will "jone" on folk. And that is hilarious.

But back to my highlight...

I have stalked her something awful over the years for bits and pieces of something to read, as she is always writing something interesting. I remember a couple of Christmas' ago being down at her Ma and Pa house over in SWATS (if you haven't read that post, read it -Christmas Eve with my Favorite author- it is quite funny), and talking smack about her giving me something to read, and that day she actually let me read a couple of paragraphs on her cell phone. I remember having thoughts of running out the house with that phone so I could read everything.

But we are both SWATS (Southwest Atlanta) girls. There would have been a huge fight in the front yard. And no, we don't want that.

But I tell you, it is always a joy...

To be sitting at my computer, and a new email pops up and it is from her...

And the subject line reads "something to read".

There is always a moment of ...


And I want to shout:


But I don't. Because the cubicle area is very quiet for the most part, save for the sounds of the air handlers.

I just quietly forward the document to my kindle address. And I may read a few pages while sitting there at my desk. But I usually read around bed time.

And I remember thinking "My goodness, this is awesome. I have no one to read or discuss this with."

So I go into stalker mode...

And I blow up her text messages. I know her phone was vibrating so hard that it jumped off the table.

Then I might read something particularly disturbing and I just MUST voice my opinion on it.

So I CALL her.

*phone ringing*

"Wassup," Tayari says.

"Man, listen...," I say with a hard sigh.

And she allows me to go on and on and on... and she tries to explain. And I go on and on... and she tries to explain more.

Oh. joy.

It may not seem like a "happy" moment... but how often does one even sit and read a book, and then can dial up the writer of the book and ask questions (or cuss and vent.) 


And that makes me happy. 

So thanks Tayari for the 250 pages of pure loveliness. I enjoyed texting you my favorite lines from the draft. And it was great talking to you about the characters.  It was such a a joy.

Please send the remaining 100 pages when you finish.  Immediately when you finish. Don't wait around. Because I want to know what happens.

Don't forget about me...

Don't let me revert to stalker stan mode :)


  1. See this is how we feel about YOUR writing :)

    1. Aww honey... you make me smile :)

  2. That is so cool. How awesome to dial up your favorite author and kick. Also to get first reads of works in progress.

    1. Yes... I love love love that!


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