Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Visit from Milk and Cookies!

 So guess who spent the night with at my house!!?

 Milk and Cookies!!!!
Yes! My brother! My brother Kari was in town!

He has some training up in Virgina  for a month, so he took an extra week off and came on home to his beloved ATL for a few days. Now, I had heard from my sister that he would be here, and he and I had been texting, but he hadn't been mentioning it. So I thought he wasn't coming. 

So imagine my surprise when I was walking through the Whole Foods getting my groceries when I got a text from my sister simply saying...

"Hey, Kari on the way to your house."


To which I responded.

"Man, Ya'll need to call folks before and let me know."

To which she said  "He said just call you, so I was just calling."

I realized that I had a missed call. I was too busy perusing the Whole Foods, trying not to pick up the wrong thing (i.e., some overly expensive craziness) by mistake. 

He ended up calling me, and I told him I was about to be finished. He said that was alright because he was stopping by our Mama house to change clothes (that's where he was staying). 

Now, like I said, he has a month long training course up in Virginia, so he took an extra week off prior to the start of training to come home for a few days. And he needed that extra time off too, because he was driving from Denver to Atlanta, which took about 22 hours. And the drive from Atlanta to Virginia was around 9 hours. 

He drove his pick-up truck. And he was trailing his HUGE motorcycle. and

I tell you, that bike is HUGE! Lawd have mercy.

And he looked good on it... Doo-rag and all.
"We have to have a little talk about these doo-rags, man," I said. He seems to have one in every color.

"I like my doo-rags," he said.

Yes he does. That is also his biker club name. It is nicely stitched on his leather biker jacket. So I guess he better keep that name.

And here he is trying to look all hard.
His bike was a Kawasaki!
"How much you pay for that?" I asked.

"15 walking out the door," he said.


"No, $15,000," he said.


Oh my.

I stood there and listened to him talk about all the modifications he made to the bike.  I had NO idea what he was talking about.  I didn't even know he knew how to fix stuff like that.

It is nice, though, with all the bells and whistles and other gadgetry. It even had cruise control. Wow.

Here he is pointing at something. (Like I told him to for the picture).
And here he is doing an iron man pose. (Again, like I told him too. I just wanted to know if he still did what I told him to do, lol.)
So we hung out in my living room and talked for awhile. I tell you, it was good to just sit and look at my brother and just talk and watch TV.

Then I saw some smoke coming out of his mouth. My first thought was "Dang, is it that cold up in here that his breath is coming out as fog?"

But it wasn't. I was just sleepy, I suppose. (But I did think that).

He was smoking one of those e-cigarette, hookah looking things.
You know, that is VERY interesting.

I was thinking, "Well dang. This negro is smoking up in my house?"

But you know what? It has no smell. No nasty tobacco odor. None at all.

He use to smoke cigarettes (and chew tobacco. Ugh.) But he does this now. He says he can't smoke regular cigarettes anymore. It's nasty to him.

I'd rather him not smoke at all. But hey...he grown.

Around 11:30 pm, he wanted to go out and get some Krystals. And he left the house looking like this.
"Alright dude," I said. "You know this ain't Denver. This is the hood. I can't believe you're going to drive around like that."

Shoot. Cops see him and he's begging to be harrassed, looking like a busted Skeletor. Humph.

But he didn't care. I had some coupons in my bag. I usually take them to work and leave them in the breakroom, but I gave them to him. He cut out the ones he wanted and was on his way, equipped with my explicit instruction on how to get to the nearest one just two or three exits away.

Why was this dude gone for an hour? That late at night? In the hood?????

All kind of mess went through my mind. Lawd have mercy, I hoped no one had bike jacked him. And for goodness sake, I sure hope the police weren't bothering him. Life is NOT great for a brother in the hood these days. Just look at TV. It's open season.

So, I thought... if he isn't back in an hour, I will go look for him. And just as I was backing out of my driveway, there he was coming up the street.

"Boy, I was coming to look for you," I hollered.

"I got lost. I ended up on Cleveland Avenue."

Yeah, he was lost. But again, it is NOT a good idea to be driving around in the hood that late at night.

But he was looking like serial killer in that mask. I suppose no one, not even the police, would mess around with someone that look like that. Might be some type of ghost rider or something. Not even the police want to bother with that.

We talked until two in the morning.

"Can I spend the night?" he asked.

"Yeah, sleep upstairs."

"No, I will just crash in this chair."

Now he does this over the years when he is over.  He likes sleeping in that chair.

"Do you have any grease in your hair?" I asked.

He said no. So I guess it was alright for him to sleep on my chair.

Oscar-Tyrone had been eyeing him pretty hard. Oscar is an old man and hasn't seen him in years. And all Oscar-Tyrone wanted to do was lay up on his own blanket covered ottoman and go to sleep. So he was walking around the living room, just staring at Kari.

Maybe Oscar was remembering back to when Kari was 11 years old and would snatch him whenever he happened to come into the room and walk him around on his hind legs.  Oscar always had that look that said "Help me Oldgirl! Why come you letting this boy handle me like this?!"


Time Kari went to sleep, Oscar jumped up on the ottoman, stretched out and went to sleep too.

I myself crashed on the sofa. For some reason I thought that would make me get up at 4:30 am, as I wanted to be to work by 6:00 am.  WRONG. That didn't happen. I turned off my phone alarm and went on back to sleep. I think I finally woke up at 7:00 am. Not sure what I was thinking, going to sleep at 2:00 am. I know good and well I can't function off 2.5 hours of sleep.

Now Milk and Cookies had parked his motorcycle outside at first when he came over. I was a little perturbed by this, as I didn't want the locals to carry it out the yard.  So we managed to get it in the garage when he came back from Krystles.

That bike is just huge! But we got it in there. Here it is the following morning.
And here he is backing it out of my garage.
I was hollering the whole time "Don't hit my [red] car!! Don't hit Pam!!"
He had to back that out real slow. And thank goodness he didn't hit my car. That bike would've taken my car out!

And here he is again, looking like Death Rider from the Hood.

And here he is following me to my favorite coffee spot.

We had coffee (well I had a iced chai tea soy milk latte), and talked in the shop. We talked and hugged in the parking lot. And he was on his way.

I tell you, it was GOOD to see my brother. 

Come back this way again, Milk and Cookies. Come back this way again... very soon.


  1. Anonymous3:10:00 PM sweet you got to spend time together. Sibling love.

  2. Anonymous4:44:00 PM

    Sounds like a great visit!

  3. Sounds like a great visit.. That bike is nice . Not sure about that mask though tooo scary !!

  4. Yay for little brothers. I have a good relationship with my younger brother. Shoot I raised him lol I like the mask...scary but cool.

  5. Love that bike. I've always wanted to ride.

  6. Anonymous9:15:00 PM

    awww he's all grown up. what a character lol I can hear the happiness in your post. Glad you spent time with your lil brother. Mary

  7. LOL @ you just wanting to know if he still did what you told him to do


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