Monday, June 08, 2009

Happy Monday Morning!

Good Morning, People!

Hope all is well with you..

The current temperature in the ATL is 70 degrees.

And I think it's going to get up into the mid-80's today!

Yeah, it's gonna be hot. Gotta turn on the car AC today. Sigh.

Oh welll!

My weekend. I had a pretty good weekend. Nothing earth shattering going on.

I took a small field trip this Saturday. I went to the Morningside Farmer's Market.

It's not too far from my house, only about 7 miles away, in the trendy Poncey Highlands/Morningside Atlanta neighborhood (trendy means I can't afford to live there, lol).

There were several farms represented there, with about 8 booths. Didn't take long to look around. it's only open from 8 a.m. til' noon, and it looks like you better get your tail out there before 10 before certain stuff runs out. I think I was there all of 30 minutes.

Anyway, I scored some nice kale and lettuce.

I also bought some squash. I also bought some VERY good organic whole wheat raisin pecan bread.

A nice trip indeed. Definitely a good place to get organic fresh seasonal veggies and flowers.

I will definitely go back, especially when the harvest of summer veggies is in!

Nothing much went on this weekend. I did a lot of chores, as I chucked them most of the week (I was TIRED when I got home, man!)

Overall a good relaxing weekend.

BREAKING NEWS. Learned yesterday on Facebook that that Original Oldgirl, the BADDEST writin' Diva in the Solar System, Miss Celie herself, Tayari Jones, completed the first draft of her latest novel The Silver Girl.

I was HAPPY about that. So were the other gazillion folks who read that announcement.

I ALMOST called you, gal!

But I left her alone. She's holed up in Martha's Vinyard somewhere, off in seclusion, with the goal of finishing up.

Fortunately, we had an interesting series of emails last night. Lots of:

*Lee cheesing like Miss Celie*


*Lee passing out on the hard concrete*

(I know she had to be rolling her eyes and muttering "Cut the crap, LadyLee!" LOL).

I am happy for you, Tayari. Very much so. Just like when Celie finally spelled the word "apple" right, and Nettie yelled "Yes Celie!"

Yeah... that's how happy I was for ya!!

It is always great to witness a friend accomplish a goal. It is very inspiring.

Now get to work on the rewrite, gal. Your fans are anxiously awaiting!!

So... I plan to go to work today. Don't want to. Got in trouble on Friday because I yelled at my boss. Didn't mean to. She considers me a bit dramatic, but, it was a bit over the top. She just happen to catch me waaaaay off guard as I was walking around a corner and she tried to give me some EXTRA work and I yelled

"NO!!! And I'm only working 6 hours today. NO!!!!!!"

This didn't go over well. I think I was suppose to say, "No thank you!" or as my coworker Ol' Mean Ass Cynthia says:

"I prefer not."

She follows that up with her patented "death stare".

LOL. So, we will see how I get treated this week. Nothing worse than being on managements bad side. I have a reputation for being quite belligerent, but these folks have worked me like a Hebrew slave for years, and morale is in the toilet. I do what I can to keep myself happy and optimistic, but I'ma need them to stop pissing on my head and telling me it's raining. Really.

However, I think I will stay off in a corner this week. I will end up in trouble anyway.

No matter... I'm going to have a GREAT day on purpose. ON PURPOSE, man.

I'm gonna, as Labelle says in the song "Holiday"

"Gonna close the blinds of my mind and let my own sunshine brighten up my day."

Really though.

Let's just hope is less trouble than normal.

It's a good thing that I am OFF tomorrow. GLORY!!

Ya'll have a great week... on purpose.


  1. You really are Tayari's biggest fan. I'm glad you introduced me to her work though and I'm patiently waiting on the next book... Her and Martha Southgate.....

  2. Anonymous11:13:00 AM

    Yep, she sure is Tayari's biggest fan! I've read Leaving Atlanta b/c of Lee talking about it. Loved it!

  3. I love farmer's markets too. The produce is always so fresh and less expensive than the waxed stuff at the grocery store.

    Congrats to your friend. I will have to look her up and read her work.

    I'm going to have a good day on purpose as well! Enjoy :)

  4. It is always great to watch someone you are close to achieve a big goal that they had.

    You really are proud of your girl aren't you?

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