Monday, June 29, 2009

Good Monday Morning...

Good Morning Blog Fam...

It is yet another Monday morning. I wish I had the day off, but alas, I don't.

Actually I don't mind going to work this morning. It's not going to be as hot as it has been for the past week...

It's only going to reach a high of 90 degrees.

"That's still hot, Oldgirl," you say.

Yeah, I know. But that's better than 100 degrees, you know?

Anyway, I had a decent weekend.

I think we are all still shellshocked over Michael Jackson's death. I dealt with my pain by watching the myriad of video shows dedicated to him, and by doing several posts of my favorite memories.

I ran around the house singing his songs while doing my chores.

The kitties were NOT amused with my less-than-stellar sanging skills.

Oscar-Tyrone would just hide, go somewhere and disappear for hours.

Kramer William gave me the *gas face*. I was in his face much of the weekend singing "Billie Jean".

Yes, if lil' man could talk, he'd be saying "LadyLee, I'ma need you to kill that noise."


I feel better. But it is disheartening to see stars that I grew up watching and admiring starting to die. Let's me know that I am aging. I was a child when Elvis died, and even a grown woman when Frank Sinatra died... but I couldn't relate to them.

But for Michael Jackson to up and die? That's too much, man. As my sister said "Some folks you expect to live forever."

You got that right. No one's immortal, that's for sure.

I did my grocery shopping this weekend. Plenty of fruits and veggies. I should be straight for about two and a half weeks. I think I may have a post coming up on that.

I read what had to be the best book I've read since reading Martha Southgate's Third Girl from the Left some two year's ago.

Carleen Brice's Children of the Waters.

Oh, this book was divine. Exceptional. Superb. I have NO idea how to review it. None.

It simply took my breath away. An Oldgirl had to go drink plenty water, because I ran out of tears.

Yeah, it was that good. And it had a huge personal effect on me. Let's just say, it is something else to spend much time praying about some personal isshas, and then to read a book that absolutely confirms some things I am doing and some plans that I am making, well... it is a Godsend. Really.

Okay, I am starting to cry. Let me stop talking about this...

I took this book VERY personally. VERY.

Poor Carleen. I'm going to blow up her email this week with my thoughts. She's gonna end up yelling "Go away LadyLee!!!" and blocking my email, lol.

Carleen... you got down. Really.

Good job, Botanical Chick. You might get you OG status behind this one. Really though.

I had a Financial Freedom Fighters meeting on Sunday. I was feeling blah about it, and didn't really want to go. I feel as though I have been within arms reach of finishing off some financial stuff, then some silly stuff happens. It's a bit disheartening.

But I believe in the power of words. In the power of being in the midst of good people who are trying to better themselves. Something good always rubs off on me - an idea, a solution... something- that I can use. I don't look to understand everything, but if I can get one little "something" to apply in my life, well... that makes it worth it.

Well worth it. As usual, I came away from the meeting with some plans. I will work my plans.

And something will stick.

Alright... I didn't mean for this post to turn into a "Food-for-Thought" special moment, lol.

This morning was a good morning. For some reason, I've been waking up VERY early and very rested, without an alarm clock. So I got up and prayed for a bit. This is nice, since no one is up, and it is quiet and still cool. Then I sat down and spent a couple of hours working on a reading assignment and organizing and typing up some notes. So that was fun...

An Oldgirl has gotten more done before 9:00 a.m. than most people get done in a whole day!

And there is still more left to do...

And I'm gonna do it all... on purpose.

Well... I have almost completed my assignment: Posting for 30 days straight! I didn't think I could do it. Well, there is one day left, but I don't think I will mess that up. But this has been helpful, getting the creative juices going. I have been able to work on some of my own writing, and I am happy about that.

So, with that said. I'm taking the month of July off.


LOL! I saw you gasp!

Just teasing.

Won't be posting everyday, but will be posting often enough.

I have much to say, and I hope you'll stick around and read it ALL. LOL

So, even though it is Monday, the most dreaded day of the week, be sure to celebrate it.

For there are people who didn't live to see this day. This NEW day, a day never seen or experienced by anyone.

So enjoy today... and make it a good one.

On purpose.


  1. I have been taking your "on purpose" to heart. Vacation is over and I have plans to make, things to do, life to enjoy ... and I will be doing it all on purpose.

    Thanks for the book recommendation. I finished "Them" and loved it. I'm now reading the Pearl Cleage that you listed.

  2. I got the "on purpose" from one of my book club sistas... She would sometimes include it in her journalling. I thought it was PROFOUND, and stole it. (She said it didn't mind, lol). I need it to remind myself that if I want to do something, I have to purposefully take a step in that direction towards it. I thought it was something complex, yet simple enough to remember.

    Glad you liked Them. I liked it because McCall was VERY accurate concerning Atlanta's Old 4th Ward, which is about 2 miles from me. So I recognized all the landmarks, etc... Made it more believable! And Nathan McCall spoke on it at the ATL writers club and at my book club, too. Very interesting book.

  3. Anonymous12:53:00 AM

    Um, it's HOT here! How about 107?

    I like when you give a voice to your cats. It cracks me up, but it's so believable!

    "LadyLee, I'ma need you to kill that noise."

    The book you announced days ago was sent as an answer, and I'm not surprised. Yes, He's that good!

    I've been clinging to the phrase "being intentional" as much as you have to "on purpose." What great motivators!

  4. I'm especially honored to mentioned in the same breath with Third Girl From the Left, which I LOVED! Whoo hoo!

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