Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Bet you didn't think I would post today, did you?


Fooled. YOU.

It is still technically June 30th. Not quite midnight. So that means that I still have time to post... something.

30 posts in 30 days!

I am so PROUD of myself!

The Oldgirl did it!

And to celebrate, we're gonna turn it over to The Original Oldcat...

Oscar Tyrone...

Yeah, uh... he's gonna do a little pole dancing for your enjoyment.

Show the party people at the House of LadyLee whatcha working with, boy!

Shut the month of June down, Oscar!!!!

*Lee presses play on the tape player... Uncle Luke screeches over the bass*

Get up on that pole, Oscar-Tyrone! Don't be scared!!

Work it out, boy! Work it OUT!!!

Get it, get it, get it... get it, boy!!

Stop lickin' that pole, Kitty!!!

Kitty danced too hard! Now he's a sleepy kitty!

That's enough Oscar-Tyrone... enough dancing, boy. You've earned your kibbles and water...

Ha ha HA!!!

That was too much fun! We'll have to let Oscar-Tyrone work that pole again in the future!!

Half a year has passed!!

Hope it was good for ya!

Hope the 2nd half of this year is even better for you:)


  1. That's REAL pole dancing, bruh!!

  2. The Green Eyed Bandit7:19:00 AM

    Get it get it......Tell Oscar Tyrone the little kitty on my street got $5 on it.

  3. LOL...I'm calling peta this is cat exploitation, lol.

    Congrats to you for fulfilling your 30 days of posting!!! Can we please get another consecutive 30???

  4. Anonymous11:09:00 AM

    I think you should do another 30 days posting since my bday is in July. lol

  5. @Aretha... Call them suckas! I don't care! Peta can kiss my grits!

    I am NOT posting another 30 days straight. That drove me NUTS. NO!

    Maybe if I wasn't so longwinded... yes. But heck NO!!

    @That Southern Black Gal...


    NO WAY!!

    And when is your birthday, Miss?

  6. Oh My!!! That was something! Oscar Tyrone is toooooo much!!!

  7. Anonymous12:45:00 AM

    You’re a trip!

    Did you use the cat nip trick to get him to work that pole?

  8. Sylvester4:07:00 AM

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