Wednesday, June 10, 2009


My laptop crashed yesterday.


When it happened, I sort of turned to the side and did a bit of dry heaving.


Went out to Buckhead, where some suckas kind folks said it will cost 400 bucks to start the diagnostics.


I snatched up my laptop, placed it back in my disposable grocery bag and stomped out the store...

...Straight over to the Best Buy in Little Five Points.

Bought a tablet.

*Leader of my personal Finance crew, Green-Eyed Bandit, spews her morning coffee all over her computer*


Yeah, I know I'ma catch hell for this at the next meeting.


Ya'll can take turns and line up and whop my arse good fashioned.

I give you permission to do so...

I do understand.


*Lee goes and drinks a whole bottle of vodka*

I need a hug right about now.



  1. Educate me. What's a tablet? Price? Where'd you get it? I'm assuming it cost less to buy this than to get your laptop fixed.

  2. Still smurfy huh?! And where were you yesterday! You starting to tick me off!

  3. The Green Eyed Bandit8:38:00 AM

    I understand. I promise I will not lead the firing squad. I remember remember when my laptop crashed. Not a good look. I was ready to cry.

    Were you able to retrieve whatever you had on th hard drive?

  4. when my laptop crashed, I nearly crashed with it. How do we get so attached to those little beauties??

    I like tablets but don't need ne for my use..enjoy! oh and here's a hug (((((ladylee)))))

  5. You need your laptop. So hopefully they won't whop your arse to hard.

  6. @Chele... A tablet can function as a laptop and a touchscreen. I can write on it, and it starts to memorize my handwriting. Been wanting one for 4 years. Bit the bullet and bought it.

    They run about 600-900 bucks. I spent more for warranties. That's what's got me wanting to go hide under a rock!!


    Hark, what is that squawking and clucking I heareth?

    Did a Chicken miss me yesterday??

    Hush, gal. I was off yesterday. Spent half the day at a doctor's appointment. Look out for an email...

    @Bandit... Dude. I was about 4 months from being debt free minus the house. FOUR FRICKIN' MONTHS! Ugh.

    Yeah girl... uh, rah- send me a new debt snowball spreadsheet! Much obliged.

    Everything was backed up on Carbonite. Just hope they don't hold my 50 gigabytes of files hostage, lol.

    Lee will be intensely quiet, sitting off in a back corner at the next meeting. TERRIBLY QUIET.

    @Aretha...I am TOO attached to mine. Ugh. I don't like that AT ALL. Just been doing a good bit of writing lately, and that whole thing messed with my steelo!

    Thanks for the hug, Ma....

    @That Southern Black Gal... Oh, they gonna line up with very dangerous weapons and beat the brakes off of me, honey. They gonna pull negroes off the street to come in and slap me around. UGHH

    Maybe I won't attend the next meeting. Yeah, that's the ticket.

  7. ((((LadyLee))))

    I got your card today too!!!

    Thanks so much, it's beeyooteeful!!!!!!!!

    *Bunny cheesing all hard like Miss Celie*


  8. @Bunny... You funny, girl... using my saying.

    Well, we both can be cheesing like Miss Celie! LOL!!

    Glad you like it, hon. Really glad. Hope it made you feel a little better...

  9. Stories like this make me never to want to own a laptop. I'm okay with the old look of sitting at a desk with a computer. ;)

    However, this reminds me of when my personal DVD player stopped working months ago. I was devastated! Still, I haven't replaced it. I want one, but it's not a necessity.

    Have fun with your new gadget!


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