Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Weirdness...

Sometimes, we get the most bizarre samples into the lab.


Delicious and nutritious! That is, if you can get past the hairy and alien look of it, lol.

You have to peel off the furry coat. The flesh is like that of a grape. Suck on it, and throw away the seed.

(Too much work, man.)

I've gone vegetarian, but sometimes I might need a little protein!

Silkworm Pupa!!

Hey, does that count as meat?

Who in their right mind thought... "Hey, let's can silworms! We can make good money off of that."

Somebody thought about it and did it. And that's a fancy label. What language is that on the front of the can? That right there is enough to leave it alone.

My coworker said when she opened the can, it looked like a bunch of maggots.

LOL!!! You have GOT to be KIDDING me!!!!! I would've told my boss to go jump in a lake. Give that project to a dude, babes!!

Then the other day I got something weird. Not as weird as bugs, but some craziness nonetheless.

I thought someone mispelled celery.

I like to process my work at my desk. I was sitting at my desk, piddling around with the paperwork, when my coworker Ol' Mean Ass Cynthia walked up. She inquired about the box. I told her what it was. She and I tore open the box and saw this:

"That don't look like no celery, man!" I yelled.

"It's a root," she replied. She picked it up.

"Girl, that looks like someone took a cow and chopped it's hooves off."

Needless to say, I don't find that... appetizing.

I don't imagine myself yelling "Hey, pick me us some of that good ol' celeriac when you go to the store, babes!"


Although it might serve as a weapon. If you hurl it the right way, you could knock a sucka OUT.

Suppose to be good for ya! Smelled like cinnamon and cream. It's supposed to taste like a cross between celery and parsley.


Yeah. I'ma let YOU try that out. Let me know how that goes!

Slice that up and pair it with some sauteed silkworms, and you got one heck of a meal!!!


  1. Anonymous10:30:00 AM

    Those are some disgusting looking foods...ick. I'll admit though that I'd like to try that root!

  2. Anonymous10:31:00 AM

    the comment above is me, Aretha

  3. Yeah, I'm with Aretha...

    Something to be said about ingesting certain roots. Ask the wife if you know what I mean.

    It'll 'transform' you.

    Speaking of transform, I highly suggest you see Transformers sometime soon.

    If you can get past the sambo bots.
    And all of the adult language.

  4. You went to college for this, right Lis?

  5. No thanks, and pass the turkey burgers down here!

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