Saturday, June 27, 2009

Memories... Favorite Michael Jackson Posters

The full color poster of this picture was not on my wall...

It was on my bedroom door... for 7 years.

When you walked upstairs, it was the very first thing that you saw. Must've drove my Mama nuts. I LOVED it.

I remember this being LadyTee's favorite poster.

I remember that because she talked ALL THE TIME about how she was going to get that very same yellow and white outfit that Michael Jackson had on.

Shoot, she already had the jheri curl just like his... now she wanted that outfit.

Yes, you were the bane of our teenage existence, Michael...


  1. 'Tis true, 'tis true...I see I'm not the only one overdosing on Michael...I've dedicated the weekend to him...likely will drive everyone in my house nuts...they'll get over it!

  2. I love both of those posters. He was soooooo cute then!!! Why in the world?!? Nevermind. I've been listening to MJ all day and it was driving Dollface mad. Come asking me is she ever going to be able to listen to Radio Disney again. I told that chile lemme grieve in peace. Radio Disney ain't going no where, no time soon.

    *Bunny continues to sing* She's outta my life....


    I miss him.

  3. The last poster was on my wall for I don't know HOW LONG! I was in love!


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