Saturday, June 13, 2009

**Happy Birthday LBeezy!!!!!**

I would be remiss if I didn't wish my baby blog sista...


The LBigga

The LBeezy

The LBoogie

The LadyBug Mocha

The Chicken...

a very very very Happy 31st birthday.

Happy Birthday Boo!!!!

(Lawd, she hate when I call her that! LOL!)

Chile... you got too many names. Too many. We'll just continue to call you the LBeezy!!!

Or Boo.


I thought your birthday was later in the month...

Got a card sitting right here on the table. Was gonna decorate in only a way that I can. Was gonna send you a tin of your favorite oatmeal raisin walnut cookies.

HUMPH. I must invest in a calendar.

But Happy Birthday, Gal!!

Now LBeezy had the long hair...

She cut it all off yesterday.

That girl wanna be like me so bad! All the way down to having no hair!

(I now have more hair than you do Beezy! LOL)

Way to transition to natural, babes! All ya'll chicks going natural! Even got my sister Kentucky around here talking about it.

(Incidently, Beezy is the one who gave my sister the name "Kentucky". She can't seem to pronounce my sister's VERY strange name, so she came up with such an odd variation. Heck, I call my sister "Kentucky" around the house now, lol).

I made sure to call her REAL early on this Saturday morning and sang the most busted version of Happy Birthday I could.

Her response: "Yeah, I uh, am wide awake after that redition"

LOL! Girl, I meant to call you at 5 in the morning!! You woulda cussed me good!!

Enjoy your day, gal.

So we're having a virtual fish fry for her birthday.

First of all, let's put on some of LBeezy's native New Orleans bounce music!

As always, we got the witch kettle going, bubbling with hot grease.

Uncle Cre! Batter up some catfish!!!

Got plenty of fish for the party people.

That's enough fish, Uncle Cre. Don't bread up too much of it. Negroes won't know how to leave if you fry too much fish.

Drop that fish in that hot grease!!!

Yep, it's ready!

Ya'll are grown. This means fix your own plate!!

Ain't nothing like some good hot fish!

And Beezy requested some cookies. So I baked up a few!!!

Happy 31st birthday, Chicken!!!

Make it a good one!

Your whoadie, LadyLee.


  1. The Green Eyed Bandit12:43:00 PM

    Happy Birthday Breezy! Enjoy your day.

    Lee pass me one of those chocolate chip -walnut cookies

  2. LOL! I am over here HOWLING at this!!! LMAO!!! Thanks, Leezy! So does this mean that I DON'T get the cookies and the card???


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