Monday, June 15, 2009

Good Monday Morning!

Happy Monday Morning...

This weekend went by MUCH too fast.

The current temperature in the ATL is 67 degrees.

Why, that's just lovely!

What's not so lovely is that the temperature is gonna shoot up to 90 degrees today.

Oh. Joy.

Tropical heat.

Not looking forward to that!

My weekend. Man... I didn't get anything done on Saturday. Just stayed in the bed. I don't know WHAT my problem was on Saturday. I didn't even get up and get dressed, just sort of roamed the house in my house coat. I know my sister had to be looking at me like I was crazy, but of course she didn't say anything, lol.

I made sure to call up The LBeezy and wish her a very happy birthday. I called REAL early, around seven in the morning. That's the time when we all got a little bass in our voices, lol. Woke her up out of a deep sleep with the most busted rendition of Happy Birthday EVER. LOL. She was wide awake after that! I know you gonna get me back for that one, girl!!! I hope you made your birthday a good one!

I have a gift for her. Thought her birthday was later in the month. Shoot. Watch out for that in the mail one day, girl! LOL

I spent much time trying to get into my book club book, J. California Coopers Life is Short but Wide.

Now I absolutely LOVE J.California Coopers' short stories, but I am not a big fan of her novels. Don't get me wrong, it is interesting, but for the subject matter (a tale of the lives of 2 sisters and their families from the Great Depression to the early 80's), isn't lighting my fire. Ya'll know how much I love some Celie type craziness, lol, but I just feel it would have been better in a short story format.

With that said, I clocked about 200 pages this weekend, and I am almost finish. Halfway through, I must admit that it became very interesting, and is turning out to be a pretty good read.

I think I'm just so enamored by her short story storytelling skills that a novel is a bit hard to take in the storytelling way she likes to do.

Besides that, that is all I pretty much got done. More progress was made on Sunday, as I did a little grocery shopping and renewing of a prescription for some of my meds. I managed to get some chores done on Sunday. A pretty quiet weekend indeed. Sort of glad for that, as I have stuff planned for the next couple of weekends.

Serenity Special Potatoes. I made a new dish, courtesy of one of my favorite Chickenheads, Serenity, lol. She gave me her recipe for roasted potatoes and carrots. She was a bit concerned about me leaving out the carrots (I hate baked carrots), but I worked it out and added some mushrooms.

What do you think, Serenity? It came out pretty good! I added the coriander like you said. That really set it off. I'ma need you to hook up a cookbook, gal!

Writing. I actually got some writing done last night. Close to 1500 words on a one of my current stories. I am happy about that because I haven't been writing much lately. I've been working on some things with my beloved writing partner (I lost a scene from what I needed to give you; I am revamping that, Man!), but not my own stuff. I am much more interested in what Terry and I are working on. But I have to have some balance.

I have a summer writing goal plan due to Serenity today. Hopefully that Oldgirl will keep me in line concerning it.

So that's all for my weekend. Very slow, very relaxing. I am glad of that!

I'm still holding to posting every day of the month in June. (It is driving me NUTS). We are at the halfway point. 15 more posts to go!!! GLORY. lol.

Serenity has given me some difficuly Food-for-Thought topics that are making my stomach hurt. Thanks a lot gal. You're number one. Really.

I hope to crack into a couple of those this week. I don't know. She is giving me a hard time about it. So we will just have to suck it up and post. Still trying to get my thoughts straight on that.

Also, I've been vegetarian for 2 weeks. I plan on talking about that. (people have been quite bewildered and amused of my food choices over on facebook, lol).

It's the start of another new week.

I'm going to have a GREAT week... on purpose.

You do the same!!


  1. The Green Eyed Bandit8:50:00 AM

    Go head Lee. I was thinking yesterday you were almost at the 1/2 way point for posting daily. I know you would make it because I know once you set your mind to do something, it is a done deal.

    You needed a slow weekend. You have been running too much and your body needed some down time.

  2. 67 degrees is our high...LOL!

    A slow weekend can be just what is needed!

    Those potatoes & mushrooms look DELICIOUS!

    I making my way through my reading list! Summer is almost here!

  3. I'm with you on the JCC book --I too do love her...I am halfway through also...a little slower read for me --but I'm enjoying thus far...though somewhat depressing at times. I'm just happy to be reading...again!

    I like the do nothing "house coat" wearing days--LOL! (my mother used to call her robe this). We get to busy for our own good and ain't nothing wrong with doin' nothin'

  4. I love coming here everyday and reading something new.

  5. From 67 to 90, that's what I hate about east coast weather. I remeber the days of getting ready for school and putting on a sweater bc it was freezing, and by the time it was 11:30 I was sweatign like a pig..smh.

    I love making my roasted potatoes with baby portabellos!!

    Glad you had a relaxing weekend!!

    Oh, I can't wait for the food for thought posts..bring 'em on!!

  6. @The Green Eyed Bandit... You know, I am doing this as a birthday gift to you, but uh...

    I'ma have to get you back for this one.

    I see myself tackling you and throwing you to the ground when you least expect it.

    Yeah. Watch yo back, honey chile.

    True enough, I only post 10% of my mundaneness, but DANG. Having to throw a post up everyday SUCKS, lol. But it is keeping the writing juice flowing...

    @LoveBabz... BABZ! I've been listening in on your radio show, but I am too chicken to be "the next caller", lol. It's been real good, gal.

    The potatoes were GREAT. I must try them again. Real easy, very tasty! Go Serenity!

    I'm actually reading alot this summer. I am glad for that!

    @The Cyncere Sister... Ain't that book sad? I am reading thinking "LAWD HAVE MERCY, can these folks catch a break???

    An interesting read. The ending is predictable. I am wondering if I'm going to be suprised.

    That book was HARD to find. Everywhere I called kept running out of it. So people are reading it!

    I like to have a "housecoat" day once per month. BUT I get a lot of stuff done around the house in the process. I don't know WHAT my isshas were on Saturday! Ugh.


    (((((hard blushing)))

    That means A LOT coming from you, Oldgirl.

    And I am jealous. My sister is running around the house quoting your book, Confessions of a Beautiful Woman. HUMPH. But I am glad that she learned some things that make her think differently of herself as a woman.

    Dreamy enjoyed the copy she won. Looks like we will be giving away more copies of that one!

    @Aretha... Serenity has disturbed me deeply with the food-for-thought questions. That chick is always trying to learn something from me!

    That Chicken wanna be like me! LOL

    And I don't know why. She knows how LAME I am. LOL! Plus this is stuff that she knows my thoughts on. Not sure where she is going with this. I think she thinks I need to look inside myself for... something.

    Not sure what that something is. I will try not to be TOO longwinded.

    I plan to quote something you wrote in one of the posts. Hmmm. Wonder what that will be? HMMMMM.

  7. I have really slacked on my read. I'm disappointed in myself. I usually read 2-3 books a month. I haven't finished a book since April.

  8. @That Southern Black Gal... Git off of Lil' Waynes and T.I.'s jocks and crack open a book, ya Chicken!

    *Lee dodging Southern Black Gal's high heel shoe*

  9. Those potatoes looking mighty good, Lee!

    Glad you enjoyed a relaxing weekend. I had one for a change. I did some things, but not much.

    "I'm going to have a GREAT week... on purpose."- I'm feeling this!

  10. Hey there! {waves}

    Yummmmmmm...those potatoes look delish!!

    See, if I ate a plate like that for lunch and for dinner, I'd be a size 8 in no time!! *LOL*

    That's right...a potato diet is on the horizon thanks to your photo! *LOL*

  11. I'm kind of hot now. i'm adding mushrooms to my next version! But I love the carrots! At any rate, I think I also need to do some soul searching. But the best thing is that this weekend showed me again why settling would make me slit my wrist.... So I'm good! Still want to see those posts though!


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