Monday, June 01, 2009

Happy Monday Morning

Good Mernting to you ALL!

(Does that sound like I am ecstatic that it's Monday?)


Hope all is well with ALL of ya'll!

It is HOT in the ATL.


It has been in the high eighties all weekend, and it will be 87 degrees today.

Now that's HOT.

I am doing half a day, today. I am not feeling 100%. As a matter of fact, I wrote in my journal this morning that May was a strange month for me, healthwise. So I am happy to see June. Maybe things will look up.

I think my biggest problem is that I am trying to do TOO much stuff. My days and evenings are tightly organized. I got this thing for making real heavy "to-do" lists, and for some reason, in May, I turned that up a few notches. So, I am dealing with a bit of fatigue, mentally and physically, behind that.

Yes, I've gotten a LOT done. But I have to schedule more down time. Really.

My weekend. I had a pretty good weekend! I had lunch at Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse with one of my favorite book club sistas, Kimmie D. Haven't seen her since last year sometime (we keep missing each other at meetings... sometimes I attend, sometimes she attends... you get the picture). So it was fun to catch up with her, and see what was up.

We always have the most amazing convos. I always walk away with some type of plan for myself.

Food was good... but they had stuffed animals that would start talking for no reason every 15 minutes . CREEPY! But very funny!
We even found out that our workplaces are 5 minutes apart. So you know what that means: we're going to hook up more! I am happy for that!

Wedding. My coworker Crystal got married this weekend.

That was a NICE wedding. Very nice. I took 115 pictures! Very nice, very elegant.

So, congrats to the lovely couple. I will do a more detailed post some time this week. (Uh, no, I won't put up 115 pictures, lol).

FFF meeting. We had a Triple F Possee, i.e., Financial Freedom Fighters meeting on Sunday. I baked up a few dozen of my chocolate chip pecan cookies special for the meeting.

I love this group because one of us ALWAYS have great news. Someone reaches a specific goal, or even pays off something... This is very encouraging to me.

I myself am still creeping along steadily on the financial tip. May was wierd for me. My glasses broke, so I dropped 400 bucks on glasses and contact lenses. I was NOT happy about it. I must tell you, it is difficult to NOT pull out a credit card and charge unexpected stuff like that. I guess I could've dipped into my emergency fund, but I didn't consider this a dire emergency. (And that's what I get for wearing the same pair of glasses for the last seven years.)

So, I am doing my best to develop better financial habits, and I think I am progressing along, thanks to my group.

Difficult to do... but it is doable. I have a very good group, and I have no excuses. None at all.

Getting rid of debt is like eating an elephant: gotta do it one bite at a time.

So, that is my weekend wrap-up...

Now, my buddy, The Green-Eyed Bandit, has been giving me the *gas face* for only posting a couple of times last week. She was at the meeting yesterday. I had to keep one eye on her. She has that evil green-eyed glare thing she like to do. I didn't want her to pick up a chair and knock me upside my head or anything.


How 'bout this, Bandit?

Listen real close, now:

Since your birthday's this month... June 20th, right?

How about I post EVERY DAY during the month of June.

*Blog family GASPS*

I ain't playing, Man.


30 days?

30 posts.

I can do it!

Just for you, Bandit... and the blog fam, too.

Now, I must warn you: it may be heavy on the Food-for-Thought.

And I can already hear that Original Oldgirl The LBeezy. She whines about how longwinded I am. She's gonna start saying something new: "Leezie. That post was too short. NOT a real post."

Work it out, Beezy!

I think a lot. Too much, really. I could post about 5 times a day if it was just about posting my thoughts. It would be more spiritual stuff than funny... Hmm.

And after I do this... I don't want to hear another word out of you, Bandit.

Not one single solitary word.

And no more glaring. Please. You have eyes like a cat. They glow when the light hits them the wrong way. It is quite disturbing.


No more emails of "Where's todays post?"

Cut that out, Ma. Not a good look.

So stay tuned for more from the House of LadyLee in June.

Ya'll have a great week... ON PURPOSE.


  1. I look forward to the LOOOOONNNNNNGGGG posts! But best that I have ALL THIS TIME on my hands...I'm gonna hold you to that every day of the month commitment!

    I just got some new glasses too. I have been rocking my old ones since my sophomore year in college, which was uh....only last year, lol. I hurried up and got mine on the company's dime before my insurance coverage ended...that's the LEAST they can do!

  2. I want a triple F posse...what a great idea!

    I'm going to come by here everyday and if I don't see a new post, I'm going to shake my head, lol.

  3. You'd really be doing something if you posted TWICE per day! LOL!

    PS. Where the hell are you? I want to discuss this book! Speaking of books, where is Sherri with her Black Literature site???????????

  4. Girl, I live in Texas. I don't feel sorry for your Georgia heat, lol.

    "Getting rid of debt is like eating an elephant: gotta do it one bite at a time."

    That is so true. I have done a good job at chipping away at some things, so good in fact that I looked up and realized I had paid off thousands of dollars in debt in under a year. If you gotta eat the elephant, a little at a time is the best way.

  5. @LBeezy...You won't have time on your hands for long, girl. So read while you can!

    I haven't had a new pair of glasses since 2001. I was standing at the sink, washing dishes, and them suckas just cracked in half. Scared the heck out of me!

    Good looking out on getting those glasses on the company dime.

    @Serenity... Chile, we can't post 115232 times a day like you do. Just can't do it.

    I took half a day today.

    @Aretha... You will see a post, every sangle day, chile. One or two will be dedicated to you.

    Tripple F Possee is the bomb. I am sorry to say that I don't have much to contribute to the discussion, and am not making as BIG of strides as the other ladies...

    But I need to be somewhere I can hear some WORDS. Words going into my spirit concerning money. Period. Things will change eventually, the more I hear. I am about 2800 bucks from being debt free (minus the house). So I think it is working.

    @The Infamous LA... Let me tell you something, babes... What are you, 25 years old? Do yourself a favor and continue to make strides paying off stuff. Just chip away at it. I wish I would've had the attitude to chip away at SOMETHING when I was your age.... Just keep chipping away!

    Girl I wish I could go back in time and pimp slap the HELL out of my 25-year-old self. UGHHH!!

    And if it is hot here? I KNOW it's hot in Texas! LOL

  6. The Green Eyed Bandit2:37:00 PM

    I looked for a post this morning. I almost sent you an email but I decided to be patient (meaning getting off the computer for a couple of hours).

    I see you are going to be like TNT....40 games in 40 nights..... 30 posts in 30 days. I like that very much. You do love me :) However, you know I will be spoiled by June 30th. I will send emails in July if you take more than a day off!

    The eyes - You have only gotten the look. My old boss can tell you how I scared the crap out of her when my eyes changed colors in front of her. We still laugh about it to this day.

    On the FFF front, you are making steady stides. That is remarkable. We know people get discouraged with the smallest thing and give up and fall back into old bad habits. You have not done that at all. So keep plugging along. Consider it done. I am here cheering the whole way.

    You know I love food for thought! I get something from all of your posts.

    Enough said....I feel like I just did a post!

  7. Looking forward to those posts!

  8. @The Bandit... Don't come over here blogging outta control in my comment section, you LURKER


    And why are you talking about July already? DANG!

    You and the food for thought... Serenity has already sent to me some really difficult topics that she wants me to do posts on... Has me seeing *crickets*. We will see how that goes.

    Ali... Hey Ali:)!!

  9. Hey there!

    Why didn't your coworker's husband wear a more expensive-looking tux?? Her dress is bangin'!!!

  10. @BWBT... Oh, his suit was banging too. And he is Panamanian or something like that. That might be the tradition down there. Who knows. But I really liked what he had on. It was very different. And all his groomsmen had on creme tuxes... Very nice indeed...

  11. It's Day 2 and you've already failed us!

  12. And for the record, you are nicer than I can ever be..... I'm giving a side eye at one of these comments.

  13. @Serenity... Ain't a matter of being nice. People have their opinion. That was a REALLY nice Tux he had on. Period.

    You dress for yourself. NOT for other people. Especially at your own wedding. Especially... because it is YOUR day.

  14. The Green Eyed Bandit10:41:00 AM

    Since I dont post much, i save it all for 1 time. I am going back to lurking.

    Do I need to find more material for you? I can go digging in my notes again. Cause Serenity and I are checking early every morning for our daily fix. I promise not to send lovely reminders until noon.


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