Friday, July 24, 2009

The "F" Word, Part II

I had an "F" word for the first quarter of the year.

Not the cuss word. (Get your mind out the gutter).

That "F" word was forgiveness... even did a post on my feelings about it.

I even have an "F" word for this quarter.


This quarter was an interesting time for my finances. No, there was no major blow or anything.

There was a major triumph, followed by a cancellation of said triumph... and it was just enough to blow the wind out of my sales.

Last quarter I paid off a credit card.

Not just any old credit card. It paid off the first credit card I ever I got, back when I was in college. I got it when I some 21 years ago.

It started out with a 500 dollar limit.

Can't mess that up, right? That's pretty low.

Well, over the years, the limit ballooned up to 25,000 dollars.

No, I've never kicked up past that limit.

But this was THE credit card for me. It was my crutch allll through college and grad school. I think it reached it's highest limit, some 11,000 dollars, some 12 years ago.

Some time after that, I just stopped using it. Well, used it sparingly.

And it began to go down (real slow like, though).

Thanks to my time over the past 3 years with my Financial Freedom Possee, and the things I have learned there, I am proud to say that I paid the entire balance off.

What helped is that it was converted to a low interest lockbox loan some 3 years ago. That helped me pay it off quick.

And it was great to get the following letter in the mail:

That right there? That made it real.

Made me feel real good.

But some things happened that blew the wind out of my sails.

My laptop crashed. I had to cop a new one.

I decided to buy a tablet, as I've been wanting one for years. The thing is, it's on a payment plan. True enough, it will be paid off before year's end, but it is an unwanted expense.

My cell phone broke on the day Michael Jackson died. I dropped it (for the umpteenth time) and something snapped. The thing was ringing off the hook, but there was no way to answer it, and no display.

So I bought a new one:

Very cheap indeed. But it wasn't in the budget.

These two things blew the wind out of my sails.

Let me rephrase that: I allowed these two things to blow the wind out of my sails.

And they shouldn't have. I could've easily just not bought these items. They are "luxury" items, things that I don't need to survive.

And they showed me how important getting debt free is to me. It is important, but not critically important.

I believe I was about 4 months away from being debt-free (not including the mortgage).

That has stretched out a bit.

Some think I can simply write a check and just be done. It amazes me that folks think I am swimming in cash. I think it's great. It always makes me smile.

And you can tell by the 80,000 dollar Benz sitting out in the three car garage of my 10 bedroom house. And I do wear a lot of Jimmy Choo and Versace.


Nope. I drive a little Mazda beater. My house is a VERY small 3 bedroom/2 bath. And I don't own one piece of designer clothing or shoes.

I have to put other things first before the big luxuries... like medical bills, mortgage, being of a little help to family, and just saving my money the best I can...

But right now, I have to not get the mindset of "this is impossible".

I am fighting that. I mean it is a terribly bad mental fight, it is. I have been cowering in a corner at the FFF meetings.

But the thing is, most importantly, I am AT the meetings.

For I need to hear those words... a couple of hours a month, I need to converse with my sistas about money. I always come away feeling better, and come back with a plan.

And each month, I can say that some debt is being reduced.

And that letter above... I keep it posted on the back of my bedroom door, along with other financial goals and triumphs. I like to take it down sometime and read it, feel it and hold it in my hand, as evidence of it actually being possible.

No, I am not sitting here bitching about money. There are people out there who have serious financial problems. Very serious. I would never cheapen or disrespect that by whining about money.

I am just more concerned with my mindset concerning my finances.

The way you think about things ends up determining the direction you go in life.

And right now, I have to make sure I think positively about this "F" word. Never mind looking at the issues, just think differently about the issue.

Attitude determines altitude.

Gotta think differntly about the "F" word. I MUST have the right attitude about it all.

And that is what I am determined to do and have.

So... this concludes my quarterly assessment. I've looked off and on over the past 2 weeks at things that have happened over the 2nd quarter of this year that have affected my life.

Be sure to comment on any of those posts, including this one if you want to be included in the book giveaways. This is your last chance. The winners will be announced on Monday.

Thanks for taking this journey with me: with all it's highs, lows, and in between.

I'll holla at you on Monday. I am off to enjoy my weekend.

You be sure to do the same. On purpose, of course.


  1. The Green Eyed Bandit11:56:00 AM

    Thanks Lee. You just gave me what I needed for our meeting on Sunday or the next meeting depending on who is there! See you at the meeting.

  2. It drives me nuts when grown people think I'm "rollin' like that". Because it makes them think they can ask me for whatever and it shouldn't be a problem. Geez.

  3. Finance is an interesting thing. You never want to be so frugal that you don’t enjoy the possibilities of life: and you never want to be so carefree that you don’t enjoy the possibilities of life. It is the double-edge sword.

    I have meet many people, who while they amass a huge amount of money, they never really enjoy the fruits of their labor. In the end, they live modestly, never really do, see, or get anything, and when it’s over, all they have is just a large pile of money. Then, I have known people who have had a lot of money, but never made it work to their advantage because of uncontrolled spending and debt.

    Which brings us to the end of the dilemma.

    It’s all a balancing act. Using money wisely is an art. You get the best you can with a limit on the spending, and make a dollar go as far as you can. But on occasion, splurge a little and treat yourself. But as I said, that’s occasionally.

    Knowing you, I can say Lis that you have mastered the balancing act well. I don’t know too many people who can get the best bang for their buck as you can.

    More people should learn to navigate the hire wire act that is modern finance like you have.

  4. Good job Old Gal...I'm inspired...might join you guys...send my book!

  5. @My Fearless Triple F Possee Leader, THE Green Eyed Bandit...


    Dang. I have to be careful what I say on here because you's always reading...

    Just trying to talk to myself. I must say that I am afraid, well no, I am let's say "cognizant" of my attitude turning for the worst. I am more interested in keeping the right attitude... Period. I am convinced everything is born out of that.

    I will be at the meeting on Sunday. Not sure where it is being held, but I have the email. Either that or I will call and aggravate you. lol

    @That Original Oldgirl Chele... What's up, you BALLER.

    People think I am rolling in cash for some reason. It doesn't bother me. I find it amusing.

    BUT, I don't have the issues you have, where people ask me for money. I "helped" people when I was between the ages of 18 and 24, and after being burned, I made a rule for myself: do NOT loan money. Period. Best rule I made for myself when I was young and had nothing.

    Yes, negroes get mad and diss you and call you every name under the sun. This is okay because when I said no, they showed their ass, i.e., they showed their TRUE character and showed what they REALLY think of me. And those people are highly unnecessary in my life.

    With that said, I am generous to no fault. BUT, it is under the table, and it is because of me seeeing you work hard on something, towards a goal. It is a blessing to me, helps me have courage to work harder towards MY goal. And let's just say, an Oldgirl likes to give a little "offering". But it is VERY under the table, between me and that person... that is IT.

    Just say no, Chele. Negroes will cuss you out and call you some of everything. This is okay. You don't need to be bothered with them anyway. Period. Harsh, but true.

    I like the fact that I am rarely on anyone's list when it comes to getting loans. Very rare. And that's how it should be.

    @Ol' Cheap Seats Terry...

    I think you hit the nail on the head. It is a balancing act. Period. I need to realize that.

    I look back, and I have been moving along fairly well towards my financial goals, but I have also made sure to have some fun. And that's the best way to do things. Really...

    I just don't want my attitude to get all jacked up... to the point where I just say "screw it!" and do something crazy! lol

    Thanks for your commentary, bruh. It is always appreciated.

    @The Cynceren Sista... Told your tail to come on through. I'ma get Green-Eyed Bandit to give you a call. Or I'll just kidnap you out of Wal-mart. That's what I'll do. lol

  6. Ok, let me just say that, when I saw the "F word" my mind went straight to the


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