Friday, July 31, 2009

Freestyle Fridays

Oh my... I don't have much to blog about.

We will go with another Freestyle Friday... just talking about whatever's on my mind.

I'm glad it's Friday. Thank goodness. But this is going to be a long hard workday. This is okay, as the time will past by super fast. I can't wait for 6:30 to get here! That's when my weekend officially starts.

I was combing my hair this morning, and I saw a bunch of gray hairs. My sister was in the kitchen fixing breakfast and I told her to look at it, to make sure that it was not my imagination, and it turns out to be true: I have about 20 to 30 strands of gray hair.

I didn't moan or groan. I told my sister

"It means I'm getting wiser!"

LOL. Gotta think positive!

For Breakfast this morning, I had some yellow corn grits with peppers and vegan cheese and a glass of orange juice. For lunch, I'm having chicken nuggets (vegan), broccoli crunch salad, a pear, and some nuts and seeds. I'm also having some nice... water.


Not sure what I'm having tonight. Tonight is rib night at the vegan grocery store. May run up on them and catch a rib plate and some collard greens! That some good eatin' right there, enough to give this Oldgirl a case of the 'itis!

I can't believe that July is almost over. And I can't believe that I have been vegetarian for 2 whole months.

That comes out to be:

61 days

1464 hours

87840 minutes

5,270,400 seconds

Wow. That's a long time. One more month to go. If I make it through the month of August, we will kick it out until Dec. 31. Make it that far, and that's it... We'll just stay in that groove!

I feel alot better. And that's all that matters...

I turn 40 in February. So, I am already contemplating my 40th birthday vacation. I don't plan to be anywhere in Georgia that week, much less work. (The HORROR).

Places I'm thinking about: Cancun, Barbados, Aruba, or Dominican Republic.

Book club sistas, if ya'll trying to do this, well let's do this!! LOL...

I'm glad to be thinking about it. Turning 40 is gonna be a memorable time for me!

That's it for Freestyle Friday!

I'm looking forward to a great weekend... Heading to a spa party tomorrow, hope to visit one of my favorite bloggers ATLien Nikki, who's in the hospital. I know she is feeling better because she wants some cookies, lol... I have a host of other stuff going on.

I hope to get it all done it 2 days!

Oh well... we'll work it all out.

Ya'll have a great weekend... on purpose.

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  1. I'm learning new things about vegan food. Never knew there was such a thing as vegan ribs.

    Have a good weekend Lee! Tell Nikki I said hi and hope she gets better.


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