Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ten Tuesday Thoughts

 Yes yes ya'll!

Ten thoughts for your TUESDAY. Let's get at it!

1. I arrived to work late today. I was moving slow this morning. Sometimes it be that way. I didn't feel all that great last night, and had restless sleep. Thank goodness for these 915 hours of sick leave. Gotta use 2 hours of that now. Humph.

2. My best friend has been coming across some white people who are waaaay upset about the election of Trump. We both find this wailing VERY confusing. We don't understand.  Afterall, you're... white. What the world are you crying about? You will be just fine.

3. I told one of my white female coworkers, "You around here acting like you are a Hispanic Native American Muslim Transgender Woman who work at the local Planned Parenthood."

(We laughed hard at this. But it is true).

4. The weather is trippy. 15 degrees one day, 70 degrees another. Sunshine one day, crazy rain the next. I am totally confused.

5. I am looking forward to the New Edition biopic tonight. Makes me nervous that it is on BET, but hopefully it will be good.

6.  Speaking of good movies, I watched the Beaches remake on Lifetime on Saturday night. It was good, but not as good as the original. No one can sang like Bette Midler. Nope.

7.  Go Falcons! We're going to the Super Bowl! Go Falcons.

8. Ya'll gonna lose, though. Sorry Falcons, but it is what it is. Get your speech together... "It is an honor to be nominated". LOL

And New England can't go too long without some odd cheating scandal. I'm just saying. Hmm... 

9. Speaking of nominations, the Oscar nominations came out this morning. I stood close to the television and watched with much attention. My favorite movie from last year was nominated for best picture. 

That movie made me PROUD to be a black woman with a STEM PhD degree. DAMN PROUD to tears. Sooooo good. If you haven't seen it, GO SEE IT. Go see it, just for me. And when you see it, you will understand me better! I understood myself better after seeing it. How often does a movie
make you cry? How often do you see yourself and your struggles on film?

The  answer is rarely. RARELY.

10. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post on the strange scarcity of ice over in the UAE. Every since coming back from Christmas vacation in Dubai, I have a new appreciation of ice.

And  I have a fond appreciation of the ice machine in the break room.

Notice that I brought in a big heavy glass from home. No plastic cups for me. And I get a couple of big glasses of ice per day.

Long live ICE!!!

That is it for me! Have a good evening!

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