Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wednesday Words: The Importance of Signs

 I saw plenty of signs while vacationing in the UAE.

And of course, these signs were important.

For example, here's a typical stop sign, one at a corner in my sister's apartment complex.

I got the bright idea that, "Yes, I am smart. I can learn to read arabic while I'm here."

Yes. Bright idea.

I later thought of how hard this would be once we went to the pork store.

The arabic writing is beautiful. But it was a jumble in my head.

The street signs at the roundabouts were especially confusing. 

Luckily my sister knew where we were going.

There was much advertisement.
I could read the phone numbers, but that was still too much.

(Let's not even talk about me trying to read the license plates on the cars). 

More signs...

(Notice how nice the streets were. I don't remember hitting not one pothole. NOT ONE!!)

(There were a lot of twin buildings - two buildings side by side that were exactly alike. That was a trip!)

I must've driven my sister crazy with my trying to figure out all the signs.

After a week, I figured that was what the english translation on the signs was for: for people like me who can't read that arabic!  And that's good enough for me.

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