Tuesday, November 22, 2005


"The ceremony will begin in approximately one minute."

That's when I began to tear up. I was so happy that I would soon see my little brother Da'Kari!

It's been five months since I last saw him. I spent a couple of hours with him before he had to ship out from Fort Gilliem in Forest Park, GA back on June 29. I cried even then on my way to see him ship out. I cried when he got on the bus. And I cried all the way back to work.

I've been a crying fool! He was my main running buddy, so I've been missing him something awful...

He's been in basic training down at Fort Benning in Columbus Georgia since June 29. It's one and a half hours from my home. The drive was horrendous, since it stormed something terrible during most of my drive.

I cried a little more when he marched out. He doesn't even look the same. Not an ounce of baby fat. No facial hair (save for his thick eyebrows!). He's grown a couple of inches. I almost didn't recognize him!

It was such a good feeling to get a big hug from him, and just to see that he was alright. He should have graduated way back in mid-September, but was sidelined with a knee injury. So he had to repeat basic training.

He was part of a demonstration where he came out dressed in full camouflage gear and carrying a grenade launcher. I found that to be a bit scary! LOL!

But overall, he was so happy, and he had some crazy basic training stories to tell... He's so freakin' polite now. Everything is "Yes ma'am" or "Yes Sir". It took him a while, but he eventually started calling me "Shawty!" again!

I was so proud of him! I can honestly say that I am so glad that we went ahead and did what he wanted to do: join the army.

He is in Baltimore, Maryland for 3 months on his regular training.

So congratulations lil' boy!!! And continued success up in B-More, Maryland...

I'll get up with you on your Christmas break!


  1. Congrats Lil brother!!!! My don't he looks foine in that suit....Love me a man in uniform LOL

  2. What's up, DJ? Yeah, the boy was looking good, all clean shaven, walking straight with the good posture thang going on... I guess there are no more blinging earrings and sagging jeans for him!!

  3. congrats to your little brother on his major accomplishment! i will pray for his safety as he makes his way through the military.

    also, i'm glad you got to spend time with him. i'm extremely close with my younger brother, too. it has been difficult having him so far away from me (san diego).

  4. yeah Nikki, we're all praying for him...

    And you know what it's like to have a lil' bro and miss him too!! San Diego is a LOONNNGGG way away... But it feels so good when you get a day or two with him, don't it?

  5. Anonymous6:02:00 PM

    Hay girl! this is your lil bro.
    love section about me can't wait to see on x-mas. love you miss you alot.

  6. Da'Kari? Is that you? What's up Shawty!!!! Can't wait to see you too :)

  7. Congratulations to your brother! He looks good! I'm sure he's feeling good right about now. I remember when I graduated, I was so proud of myself and seeing the same in the faces of my parents...It made me feel that much better.

  8. Yeah Kayla, I was proud of the boy and his big accomplishment! I'm kicking myself for belly-aching about his decision in an old post!

  9. Anonymous5:23:00 PM

    I know this was 8yrs ago, but it reminds me of my son's army graduation. I cried too but I was a proud mama. I can't wait to catch up on your blog to see what happens in his life. Did he marry? have kids? my son ran off and got married to a girl in the Army and had twins.


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