Saturday, November 05, 2005

I miss Saturday Morning Cartoons, Part V

Hey, Hey, Hey...It's Faaatttt Albert!!!

And I'm going to sing a song for you

And Bill's going to show you a thing or two

We'll have a good time with me and all the gang

Learning from each other while we do our thing

Na na na gonna have a good time

Na na na gonna have a good time.

(Come on now...don't act like you don't know this song by heart!)

In the words of Mushmouth...I-ba u-ba tuba luba thisa show-ba!!!

Now I don't know (I don't remember, really) if this was a Saturday morning cartoon or not, but I do know one thing....

This was my show... I REALLY miss this cartoon.

You remember the fellas: Fat Albert, Rudy, Weird Harold, MushMouth, Dumb Donald, Russell, and Bucky. Let's not forget about Mudfoot and The Brown Hornet.

Fat Albert and his homies were a real crew. Everyone had different personalities, but they were true blue friends... They had their own band (The Junkyard Band) and they even had their own clubhouse...

The Fat Albert Show had to be the most positive cartoon series ever made. Every show was educational and had some type of moral to it. From this show, I learned from that it was a bad to lie, cheat or steal. I also learned that I should not talk to strangers. There were even shows about community service.

I tell you, these kids today just don't know what they're missing!!


  1. I wonder if I'm the only person who thinks Fat Albert was sexy. I'm serious! Don't knock the big men now. And that soothing Barry White voice. At least he was neat. Ooh, the way that belly jiggled and the seductive way those pants hung below that giant waist. Ooh, it's getting hot in here!

    Hey lady did you realize we were both an Aquarius? Maybe that's why we were going crazy fighting over Marcus, LOL. You said Big up! Shoot you put down that gun and then we'll talk. It's easy to be the brave one when you're packing, LOL!

    1. Anonymous1:01:00 PM

      I agree, Fat Albert's a total hottie! But you know someone from his crew that's sexier? Rudy Davis, of course! Look at his slick pimpin' movement. He dresses in the finest threads, and plays an electric guitar. He's the only member of the gang who doesn't kiss up to Fat Albert. Talk about a baaaaaaaad boy.

      But when it comes to "sexy", Albert and Rudy are a tie.

  2. U may have went a little too far LOL...but I loved-ded him too. i like the fact that my kids gravitate toward re-runs from my teaches them more than today's crappola...

  3. What's up, ya'll?!?



    Fat Albert? Sexy????? Soothing Barry White voice?

    Girl, stop smoking that dank!!! Or better yet, put the crack pipe down.

    *Ladylee slapping the crack pipe out of Stacey D's hand*

    Now THAT has to be the biggest joke I've heard all week!!!

    But to each his own, hunh? Do your thizzle, girl! Nothing wrong with that!!!

    I put the gun back in the closet...Now I said we can share Marcus... Like I said, you can have him on Thursdays, $25.00/hr, 2 hour minimum fee... Take it or leave it!

    And by the way, where is the Roving Poet??

    @ Yo Dr. DJ DIVA...

    (Yeah, I'm gonna be the first to call you that!! Call those things that are not as though they were!!)

    Yeah I "loved-ded" some Fat Albert, too!! (As you can see, Stacy has a few issues...)

    And I KNOW if they would play reruns of some of those old shows, todays kids will definitely watch them!!!

    Hey DJ, look out the next couple of weeks for a couple of music posts dedicated for you... I found a box of old tapes I made a few years ago in my "bootleg" wanna-be DJ days...


  4. It was amazing how they managed to solve isssues such as molestation and drug use and still have time to play in their junk yard band.

  5. @ chubby chocolate...

    You got that right, CC... I read a couple of articles about the fat Albert show... Turns out that Bill Cosby had a team of psycholgists and consultants to make sure they covered EVERY possible situation... Now that's something I didn't know...

  6. Great post. And LOL@Stacy-deanne.

  7. Anonymous8:22:00 AM

    Both Rudy and Fat Albert are totally SEXY! They're both mine!


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