Monday, October 31, 2005

LadyLee's Lucky Sevens!

Happy Halloween, ya'll!!!

Man, I try to dodge these little tags, but DJ Diva, the baddest female DJ this side of Jazzy Joyce and Spinderella, tagged me upside the head with a turntable, so I had to oblige...

7 things....

7 things I plan to do before I die...

1. Write a book and have it published... (I have 3 books and 1 novella stuck in my brain... just a matter of gettin' em out!!)
2. Own my own business. (Doing what? I don't know...But I know that what I'm doing now is NOT my destiny...)
3. Drive cross country with my lil' brotha Da'Kari in an RV (we can't take my sister Kay... she's too much of a Diva... I've seen Da'Kari pimp a U-haul truck, so I would love to see him pimp an RV!)
4. Get an MFA. Shoot, I want to learn how to write, how to put together similes and metaphors and shit... (that is, if I can get over the whole traumatizing Ph.D. procees I went through seven years ago... I still get the freakin' shakes everytime I drive by a school.)
5. Get debt-free (so I can really ball out with my money!)
6. Spend an afternoon with my father. (I haven't seen him in fifteen years. And he lives 5-10 minutes from my new house. My goal had been to go talk to him when I turned thirty, but I,being a damn chicken, haven't done it. Auntie gave me his number, though... Maybe I'll call.)
7. Take a cruise around the world (It cost $65,000 for the deluxe suites and $15,000 for the economy rooms. ... Give me the $15, 000 ticket, man... I saw Titanic... I want to party with those peasent travelers.)

7 things I can do...

1. cook
2. crochet (better than the average grandma)
3. Fix and repair several instruments.
4. If you dog me out, use me, or get me caught up in some mess, I will cut you off without a second thought. (Hey, why should I sit around and cheese in your face and kiss your triflin' ass,hunh?)
5. Watch T.V for 24 hours straight. (I do this at least once a year... My own personal way of "vegging out".)
6. Drive a U-haul truck. (I learned this while moving... I was quite proud of myself.)
7. Play a mean game of NBA 2K5. (This is me and my brother's thing. I know we horrify my sister with all our jumping around and shouting (LOL)...)

7 things I can't do...

1. Skate
2. Run with a "click". (I am the consumate loner. I love my own company!)
3. Tell lies without it seriously bothering my conscience.
4. Sit around plotting to get back at or hurt someone.
5. Kiss ass. (This makes me particurly hated by the evil management on the job... Do you manufacture the air I breathe? No?... Well don't expect me to kiss your ass!)
6. Hang with people who are ass kissers. (This has to be worse than me kissing ass...).
7. Say what people want to hear.(Closely tied to my hatred of ass kissing. Why fake the funk, hunh???)

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex...

1. Nice lips.
2. Goatees.
3. Thighs (I like men's thighs, for some reason. Don't ask me why or how, because I don't remember where this began, but it is what it is...)
4. Chest hair (and not that old nappy chest hair, man!)
5. A sense of humor.
6. Has an education.
7. Good Credit.

8. I'm cheating here... has some spirituality...(Do you pray, even in the midst of your triflement?)
9. Minimal family drama... everybody got something crazy going on in the family, but let's not get all crunk with it, okay???

7 things i say most often...

1. You busta!! (used when someone pisses me off. And I have to do the Celie two finger crooked point with that...)
2. Glory! (pronounced "glow-reee".)
3. Shawty (Something I picked up from my lil' brother. That's what he calls me. I swear,sometimes I don't know if my name is "Lee" or "Shawty"!)
4. Oldgirl/Oldboy: general term I use for people when I don't feel like using their names.
5. Twerk: term I use for getting your groove on. Especially useful at work, because a couple of the upper management folks are twerkin' it out...
6. "Ya'll betta have my paycheck in the bank on Friday!!!"... Used when management thinks I've done something wrong or I am feeling a bit harrassed.
7. "I'll Holla!" Used when I'm getting the heck out of dodge.

7 celebrity crushes...

1. Boris Kudjoe. (He's cute, but he's probably stuck up. He's on everybody list, too.)
2. Morris Chestnut (not when he was in Boyz in the Hood.... was too skinny back then!)
3. Benjamin Bratt (Damn, Julia Roberts, why did you break up with him, girl?)
4. Chris Klein (I've liked him since American Pie. Don't ask me why...)
5. Will Smith
6. David Banner (Nothing like a rapper that uses his real name and doesn't roll with a crew of

a hundred folks!!!)
7. And last but not least.... My fellow blogger...The roving poet...MARCUS HARRIS. (Dude,

how is it that you can make my toes curl with the mere written word?? And then you are so smart and politically astute. Oh my oh my oh my...Honey, I'm a tomboy, but you sure do know how to bring the "Lady" out of LadyLee...)

Alright doggonit, Marcus! Shorty, you got me all excited... I must move on...

And finally, 7 people I want to do this...

Usually I am the last person tagged, and heck, I don't know too many other bloggers... So I can come up with only a few people... And If you have done it already, just ignore me!

1. Cydney Rax
2. Khalli 88, the sneaker king.
3. Serenity 23
4. Stacey-Deanne, 80's love child
5. Sista K
6. Chubby Chocolate

7. Twin

Thanks DJ Diva... that was fun!!!


  1. I like your list...I did this one already!

  2. Dang Lady stop flirting with Marcus. You know he's my man! Girl you better lay low before you catch a biscuit upside your head. You know I'll fight you over some of that good poetry. Stop flirting with my man before I cut ya'! LOL!

    I changed my blog design. I'd love to know your opinion. And Marcus don't want ya'! Move on, girl. Move on! LOL! I guess you and me will be fighting over some Marcus, LOL!

  3. @ Chubbs...
    See, I'm ALWAYS the last to get tagged. Glad you liked my list!

    @ Stacey-D...

    *Ladylee pulling off her hoop earrings, and reaching for the large jar of vaseline for her face*

    Stacey-D... Like a sista once said..."You gettin' in the way of what I'm feeling"

    "You betta back down before you smacked down, YOU BETTA CHILLLLLL!!"

    He's my man, honey, and nobody else's. So don't come around here honey... *Ladylee cocking the shotgun* We can go toe to toe, I don't care!!! We can take it outside and do the darn thing!!!!

    ROTFLMAO!!!! (Poor Marcus...)

    BTW, I like the new look of your blog...

  4. Well damn, Lady you ain't gotta kill a sista, LOL! I was about to get Left-Eye on ya' and burn your new house down but after seeing you got out the gun, then I said," No it ain't worth it! ". I surrender! (Stacy waves the white flag). Shoot Marcus is fine but he's not that fine for me to be getting shot over! I know there's a shortage of good black men but damn, I don't need a man that badly, LOL. Shoot, you can have him, Lady. I ain't mad at ya'. Do your thing, girl. I'm not about to contribute to this black on black crime. Especially if I'm the victim LOL! I'm too pretty to die young! Just invite me to the wedding!
    (Stacy running the other way before Lady pops a cap in her ass) LOL!

  5. YIKES...Blog fightin LOL

    I actually read this right after u did it...I couldn't leave a comment though...

    I Loved it!!!!!! Thank you for indulging me...It made you think critically about yourself right? ;)

  6. @ Stacy-Deanne...

    *LadyLee putting the 12 guage shotgun back in the closet*

    Come on now... Big up, girl! You suppose to be able to take a bullet for your man! How you gonna go and desert the brotha THAT quick?

    Alright Marcus, you see how quick she surrendered... Don't let me catch you sniffing around Stacy's house anymore, okay?? (LOL!)

    Anyway, Stacy-D, I'm usually not down with the man sharing thing, but we can share The Roving Poet... I'm sure he has enough Luuuvvv and poetry to go around...
    You can have him on Thursdays (for a small hourly fee, of course...)

    Thanx for the short blog fight! We'll have to square off again sometime soon...

    *Ladylee turning to Marcus*
    Alright Marcus, I ran Stacy-D off...get on back in that bedroom, get butt-naked, and write me another poem... I'll be in there in a minute, right after I get the whip cream out of the fridge...


    @ DJ Diva...

    That was rough, DJ!! You not only made me think hard (haven't done that since I got out of school), but you also got me all caught up in a blog fight over my man!! Ha!!
    Too funny!!

  7. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that Marcus has his skills lol.

  8. @livingsingle...

    Thanks for stopping by... I've been enjoying your blog for awhile...

    Yep, Marcus has touched us all with his lovely words, hasn't he??

    Now don't be like Stacy-D and get any funny ideas. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hey there, I'm just now seeing this post...and will admit someone else tagged me (Shelley Halima) a while ago. :)

  10. @cydney...

    See Cydney? I'm ALWAYS the last to get tagged!! LOL...


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