Saturday, October 01, 2005

I Miss Saturday Morning Cartoons, Part II

LA, LAAAA, La La La La,


I sure do miss The Smurfs...

Papa Smurf with his white beard, his red stretch pants, and matching cap...

Hefty Smurf, with that crazy tattoo of a heart on his shoulder...

Handy Smurf, always working on some construction project or what-not...

Vanity Smurf... well, he was a little suspect...A Smurf on the down-low, perhaps...

I hated Brainy Smurf with a vengeance though. That Smurf talked a little too much!!

Hell, I even miss that evil dude Gargamel and his skanky cat Azreelle...

But what was up with Smurfette, with her flowing blond hair, and her pretty pair of white high heel shoes? Even though I was a kid at that time (when did The Smurfs come out, 1981?), I knew there was a little something fishy about a female living in a village with a bunch of males. But, I reasoned, the Smurfs were too busy trying to elude Gargamel, than trying to be romantic.

Yeah, that's it.

It could not have been me. Nope. Not in this age and time.

Not in a village full of "mens", where I am the only girl.

Shoot, talk about "twerking" something. (Excuse me, didn't mean to say that...)

What I meant to say is, talk about "smurfing" something.

I'd be all "smurfed" out, baby!!!

But I digress... it's not "smurfy" of me to have such thoughts...

Anyway, the Smurfs were one of my favorite cartoons...

And I wish that I could have my Smurfy Saturdays back!!


  1. You know Lady, I loved the smurfs too. As you know I am a child of the 80's and proud of it. I mean, " Dem was da days ", pardon my ebonics, LOL. But I tell you the Smurfs had a lot going on that the cartoon didn't get into. I mean now take Smurfette. Now this chick is in this village with all these guys and you don't think she was getting down? Ha! Don't let little Miss Innocent fool you. And that Smurf with the flower in his head was gay. I'm sure we all could figure that one out. I think he was having an affair with Grouchy Smurf (I believe that was his name). Why? Because he was so mean I think he couldn't face his homosexual tendacies. I also saw a little sugar in Papa Smurf. How the heck he get to be the papa with no mama? Things that make me go hmmm. If you look at the smurfs carefully, those folks had a lot of problems other than being short and blue. But hey, they knew how to have fun. But I know half of them were gay. How many other male cartoon characters skip through the woods in their drawers singing, " La, la, la, la, la, la? " Huh? Not many. Yep, something big was going on in smurfland. I'm waiting for E! Hollywood Story to broadcast the real deal with them. And I think I heard Papa Smurf wanted to leave the show at one time. I think he and Gargamel were having contract disputes, LOL! Ah the Smurfs, you got to live them!

    P.S. And I think baby smurf was Smurfette's love child with who knows which one. LOL!

  2. LOL,y'all are funny.Btw,I think Ernie and Bert wee gay

  3. Stacy-D,

    Yeah, I knew you would be coming my way, you child of the 80's you!Your commentary on the life of the Smurfs is mind-boggling! Your take on Grouchy Smurf and Papa Smurf have me LOL!!! But it's funny though, I've thought a lot of the same things at one time or another... And let's not even talk about Baby Smurf... They explained that one time, but I don't remember that episode. Didn't he supposedly just materialize out of thin air on the night of a blue mood or something stupid like that??? This would make a good E! True Hollywood Story episode...

    Yeah, I think Bert and Ernie,uh, had a little somehting going on over on Sesame Street...

  4. yo
    remember when they had those rehearsals and all the smurfs would be singing with papa smurf conducting?

    they had the ill sideways running man going on when they

  5. I was a smurf-aholic also...Could it be that it was oh so simple then? I also wondered why Smufette never got pregnant!!!! I had visions of a Smurf gangbang on one of those late nights by the bonfire...after drinking gallons of Smurf Juice!

    what an idyllic life...but funny...even the little blue people were running from the "White Man"..LMAO...Too damn funny!

  6. Brother Omi...

    I forgot about that!... Now you REALLY have me wanting to see this show again, just to laugh at their choir rehersals (LOL).

    DJ Diva...

    Oh my! Never thought of a Smurf-juice induced train thing going on... Poor Smurfette. I'm glad she wasn't living in our jaded and corrupt little world! She'd be all "smurfed out" right about now.

  7. Hey lady! thanks for stopping by my place and you have just taken me baaaaaack with the Smurfs!!! And you are sooooo right!!
    But...remember this???? Was this not the bomb too!!@ It went right along with those Sat. mornings!! LOL

  8. Alright now, Disco gruvvin' Robyn, you took me back with the School House Rock post!! (LMAO)

    I may reference your post either this Saturday or next.

    Thanks for coming by my spot!

  9. Ladylee, thanks for stopping by! My side was Decatur Flat Shoals! But big up to Colleh Pauhk!
    Smurfette was the only rational smurf in the bunch that's why they needed her don't you think? *wink*

  10. Hey Chef SweetypeachNY, I've been hanging around your spot for a minute. (You got the BOMB recipes!)

    Smurfette was probably the most rational one. All those mens needed a woman to keep the Mushroom village in order...(LOL)


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