Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Jacks, Part II

My post a couple of days ago about the game of jacks garnered a lot of attention at work.

So much attention that one of my bootleg manuscript editors Ol' Mean Ass Cynthia brought in a set of jacks that her daughter had gotten as a party favor at a birthday party...

That sure was nice of Ol' Mean Ass Cynthia...

As you can imagine, this caused a slight frenzy amongst the female chemists...

Can you imagine grown women clearing out a space on the floor and playing jacks?

I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself...

I even got a few pictures of my other bootleg manuscript editor, Sunshine, working it out...

Damn Sunshine... you're on the floor in your lab coat... I'm so glad management didn't walk by. We would've scattered like cockroaches and left your butt sitting there...

Looking like a dang fool...

But like I said, you were working out, oldgirl!

She did the darn thing! Picking up six big jacks at a time!

I tried to play, but sorry, I need the old time jacks, those little metal ones. These jacks were twice the size of the jacks from the 70's and 80's. And I swear, the ball here was twice the size of a normal ball...

And it amazed me that a couple of ladies didn't even know about the game of Jacks. Groove, up in Nova Scotia, didn't know about jacks. She said in my comment section that she'd seen them on TV, but never played. (Yikes... the horror!) Maybe it was just an USA game, I don't know.

But I talked to one of my manuscript critiquers and coworkers, Melissa. She had never heard of jacks. And she's from Alabama...

Damn. I went off on her... Wasn't her fault... I just got pissed, that's all...

Then another co-worker, Yo-Yo, said she use to use rocks instead of jacks in her games.

Damn. Ain't nobody that poor. That sound like some old craziness left over from slavery...

But anyway... we are on a quest for some REAL jacks... the little metal ones...

Not that ol' plastic ish... You've got to be kidding me!

And we're gonna sit around and teach Melissa how to play...

Groove, wish you were here, 'cause we'd hook you up too, homegirl!!!

Really though...


  1. You've inspired me to get up a game of "Skelly" on the parking lot at my job. For those who don't know, Skelly is one of those urban (read: ghetto) games we played in the middle of the street as a kid. Likened to marbles and hop scotch you draw a board with boxes and points, in the street with a piece of chaulk. The piece you use is a bottle top (soda bottle or preferably wine top) and you fill it weither either street tar or wax. And you shoot the object is to shoot it directly into the boxes on the board (staying within the lines). You can even knock an opponent out of a particular square.

    It was quite the fun game as child and very inexpensive. Next game to reminisce about - Pitchin' Pennies. ;o)

  2. Damn... Now THAT's ghetto! Never heard of that game before. Talk about entertaining yourself when you don't have nothin'... Ya'll couldn't afford real marbles? LOL!

  3. That mary j. scared the sh*t out of me when it started up! Sorry, I wassn't expectin it.

    Anyway, jacks are fun!

  4. LMAO at Jaimie... scared me too earlier today... I love that song, but that thundering... they could have kept that!

  5. yall are funny...i'm still laughing at yall on the floor in white lab coats lol...i still haven't found the metal ones...i aint gonna stop looking!!!

    @serialdater...I played Skelly too...we used poker chips glued together with bubble yum (better consistency)

  6. @ DJ Diva and Serial_dater...


    Poker Chips glued together with bubble yum? Bottle tops filled with wax or street tar? Ya'll was some broke nuccas!! Damn.

    This must be a Northern thang!

    Long live Skelly!!

  7. Your song you have playing.. That makes me smile.. I loved some Juvenille in college. And as much as you talk about your paycheck on this blog, that song is so fitting..:)

  8. I LOOOOOOVED jacks! I am feeling this post for real doah!

  9. @ Serenity23...

    I like Juvenile, too! That song reminds me of when I first moved to New Orleans. That was some culture shock, dealing with the rise of the cash money million-aires!

    I do talk about my paycheck a lot don't I. That's the only way I can deal with such a politically skewed job: I KNOW they gonna have that check direct deposited in the bank on time :)

    @Sista K... where you been, my Colli-Park sista? Glad you liked the post!

  10. Anonymous5:40:00 PM

    I gotta find some jacks so I can teach my 5yr old grandbaby how to play! Those are the type of memories I wanna leave her with when i'm gone..tears, memories


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