Friday, December 02, 2005

PAYDAY: Where is my Bread??

(Dedicated to my supervisors: Darth Sista T, The Good Sista, and Ms. Tweet...)

All the crap I put up with on this job...
Where are these people with my paycheck?

Darth Sista T, Good Sister, and Interim Supervisor, Ms. Tweet...If you don't know one thing, you better know this...

Ya'll best have my !#%$% PAYCHECK by Friday!!!!

Okay, Okay... ya'll finally gave me my bread... It's about time...

Now you ladies know that I've got nothing but love for you... Nothing but love! Really though. And thanks for my bread...

But I gotta count it... Ya'll, being members of shady management and all, might be trying to cheat me or something, and I'll have to get buck wild up in this workplace and turn over a few tables, chairs, computers, instruments, and chemical glassware...

Humph... This stack of bread feels right, but it might not be right... Let me just be sure about this...

Oh yeah, baby! It's all here!!! Oh yes... Nothing like PAYDAY, baby!!

Now it's 'bout to be all about that "bling-bling" baby...

Oh yes... I'm about to ball 'til I fall!!!!!


Now have a good weekend!!!

**Incidently, does anyone remember this blinging character from School House Rock???

I found him to be...I don't know...

A bit stereotypical.

I could definitely see some parents complaining about him. And that's probably why we don't remember him as well as the "I'm just a Bill" character...

Hmmm.... I ponder, and I'll continue to wonder.


  1. I never saw dude before!!!! OMG that was funny...

    I was thinking of DMX when I read this..."yall gonna make me lose my mind...up in here, up in here"

    Don't play with my money...that ish aint funny!!!

  2. OMG!!! LOL This is hilarious!!..Thanks for the comment on my blog today. I'll definitely keep that in mind.

  3. LOL, that is cute. Loved it!

  4. @ Chubby and NSO Ecstasy...

    Glad ya'll liked that!

    @DJ DIVA...

    (Read your cat post... that was funny, I needed that after the loss of 'Lil Head)

    I don't think anyone saw this dude. I think they cut him out of the "I got six" schoolhouse rock video. Dude was too controversial. He had 11 wives and each had 6 kids... YIKES! Yep. I think some parents complained about that ish!!

    Glad you liked it, and hope that
    situation work out for ya!

  5. Nothing like payday.. But don't spend it all in one place LadyLee!

  6. Dammit, I already did.

    Save your chips, and lend me 20, okay?

  7. 11 wives with 66 kids...DAMN...nah u can't be serious...send me the link to that!!!!! Thanks for the love to Puss in Boots...he's a funny mutherf**&&* LMAO

  8. @S23... No, I didn't spend it all in one place... I paid my first mortgage *Yikes...Ladylee shedding tears*, bought some groceries, had cable installed, and bought some bookshelves, stands, etc... That's my way of balling these days :)

    No way shorty, I was about to ask you to let me hold some bread!!

    @DJ DIVA...
    Yeah, so you haven't seen that dude either? He's on the "I got 6" snippet. Run get the School House Rock DVD collection. I would send it to you, if I knew how!


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