Thursday, December 29, 2005

LadyLee's 3 the Hard Way

I've been tagged by Superstar Dr. Nic.... So I guess that I gotta do my 3's now!
(note: Nic, you BETTER be sitting down working on that dissertation proposal... Don't let me have to pimp slap you through the internet again!!!)

3 screen names I have:

1. Ladylee
2. Original "OG"
3. Oldgirl

3 Physical things I like about myself:

1. My hands
2. My feet
3. My ears

3 Physical things I don't like about myself

1. My rear (to much booty in the pants, man!)
2. My height (I'm 5'7'', wish I was a couple of inches shorter)
3. My hair (please grow... please!)

3 parts of my heritage

1. Black
2. Indian (I guess, because Grandma looks like she got a little indian in her)
3. White (Now ya'll know African American's don't look much like Africans... something was
going on somewhere!)

3 of my everyday essentials

1. My cell phone
2. My laptop
3. television

3 of my favorite musicians (for me, this means folks who played instruments and write their own music and lyrics!)

1. Curtis Mayfield
2. Alicia Keyes
3. Brian McKnight

3 of my favorite songs (I am an oldies fanatic... Today's music does not interest me much, so here are 3 of the songs that I've been playing in heavy rotation every day this week!)

1. Been Such a Long Time by New Birth
2. Love Don't Live Here Anymore by Rolls Royce
3. Fred is Dead by Curtis Mayfield

3 of my hobbies right now

1. Reading (I usually read a book a week, but right now, it's a book every 2 weeks)
2. Writing (working on that 1st of many, many novels)
3. Crochet

3 things I want in a relationship

1. Trust
2. love
3. financial stability - I have a right to want this, since I myself am financially stable.

3 things I want to do really badly now (with someone special):

1. Relax
2. get married
3. Twerk somethin' (LOL)

3 Careers I've considered doing:

1. Psychologist (that'll be hard, since I have the attention span of a flea... I'm not the best listener)
2. Doctor (Shoot, I'm already a Dr., I mean Medical Doctor)
3. Lawyer

3 places I would like to go on vaction to:

1. Alaska
2. Hawaii
3. Australia

3 kids Names I like:

1. Nicole
2. Benjamin
2. Samuel

3 Ways I'm a stereotypical girl (Even though I am the ultimate tomboy??)

1. I like makeup (even though I rarely wear it, but I like it when I do wear it)
2. I love expensive scented handmade candles.
3. I love pedicures and manicures (but you should see the way the nail technician looks at me when I ask for clear nail polish only!)

Three things that make a person

1. Honesty
2. Compassion
3. Loyalty

Three things that can destroy a person

1. Greed
2. Dishonesty
3. Hateful personality

3 people I would like to see take this quiz (this is optional, now!)

1. Serenity 23
2. DJ Diva
3. Disco Diva (Robyn)


  1. B****! How you gonna tag me like that and you know I'm under the weather.. But I'll go ahead and do it, I guess. I got my wine. Cheers! And my bad ass kid is gone for the weekend.

  2. I love a tall female 5-7 is perfect.

  3. @ Serenity23...

    Shawty, go head on and twist the cap off that bottle of Ripple, Strawberry Boone's Farm, Cold Duck, Mad Dog 20/20, Thunderbird (whichever one of those you drank), and do the darn thang!!!

    And Tyler's gone? Uh-oh!

    Your Monday morning post should be, um...

    ...interesting ;)

    Don't get crunk wit' it...
    Stay serene, Serenity :)


    Well, well, well!!!! DBM Twin is a friend indeed :)

  4. LOL…only limited amount of dissertation work was done today do to the pop-up house guest!!!

    You can never have too much booty in the pants can ya?

    I LOVE candles to. All different kinds and scents…..As for reading, I wish I had the attention span for reading. People are always telling me about the good books that they are reading but I just cannot do it ;-(

  5. You want to be shorter and I could use a couple of inches. i have to agree with Twin, 5'7" is perfect and add, like "n" search of ecstasy, that you can NEVER have too much booty in the pants!

    I must also take the role of serenity...this is STILL not a real post! Lol.

  6. u got too much?...shoot let me hold some...u seen how tiny my behind is in thos pics I posted today? I'm ashamed...or maybe hungry LOL

    Yo...i been saying what u said about Africans for years!!!

    I'ma do this one...but I should post my New Year's meme too...Maybe a Meme Week next week?

  7. on and Serenity? Ignore her...Tyler's gone? U better do the damn thing!!! Perfect timing...even if u sick LOL

  8. @ Ladybug... excuse me, girl, but this is a real post!!! (Man, ya'll just want me to spill my guts continuously in my posts, don't cha? But watch out... there's some "interesting" stuff coming up...) LOL! And there is such a thang as "too much booty in the pants!!" LOL!

    @ Nic... Get back to work, Nic!! That proposal is due soon! Tell those relatives to go sit on a tack! :)

    @DJ Diva... Please don't corrupt S23! And DJ...I can see that you're already getting crunk, even before New Years!

    All ya'll have a safe and Happy New Year:) Be careful out there!



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