Monday, December 26, 2005

Have a cookie...

Hey Ladybug,

I can't mail those cookies, but you're free to pretend :)

This is a picture from yesterday... We only have about 10-20 cookies left :(

So have a cookie... chocolate chip pecan on the right, oatmeal raisin walnut on the left!

... ENJOY :)


  1. Oatmeal Raisins are my favorite cookies, those look good.

  2. Oatmeal Raisins are my favorite to! Oh I wish I could have 2 of those cookies right now (smile).

    Wishing Very Happy Holidays to you!!!

  3. Ok, this is fair warning to you. No more bullshit post. No more photos of food. Get to writing. We want dirt, grit, and all the details of what makes Ladylee tick.... Now getting back to that ex husband post.... Can you tell I'm off my holiday niceness? HA!

  4. S23 is gangsta....she rolled on me too Lady!!

    but uhm...she's right....get on your job...i can't be looking at all this food!

    I'll take a chocolate chip pecan!

  5. @Javnoir, Nic, and DJ DIVA... ya'll can have some cookies...

    @Stick-up kid wanna-be
    gangsta S23...

    NO COOKIES for YOU! LOL!!!
    *Ladylee slapping S23's bejeweled hand from the cookie jar*
    (Tyler can have your cookies)

    S23 wants to know what makes LadyLee tick...

    Now S23, If I let you know all that, I would have to kill you...

    I'm a ticking time bomb, you see...
    (Don't let me take these earrings off, gurl!)

    @DJ Diva...

    WTF is S23's problem? I think she been hanging out with some of them gold-toothed Louisiana boys.


    Make sure you watch her. I think her heels are a bit too high! She's the type that'll bump your turntables...
    lol!!!! :)

    S23 and DJ, I rarely post personal ish... Folks act like it's a crime to be going through stuff (ya'll know what I mean) I got a lot of stories to tell... Stay tuned, though!

  6. Ladylee-Now you know Juvie got this new song about a Rodeo... WHy when that video came on, I thought about your damn blog? You gonna have to put it on here... HA!

  7. @S23...

    I saw that video the other day...i thought "Hmm... Not as good as 'Slow Motion' or 'Ha'..."

    But I bet you liked it, hunh?... and like I said in an earlier comment... I can tell you been hanging out with those grilled-up Louisiana boys...

    ... and by the way, step back... Stop trying to be nice!!! You still can't have ANY cookies.

    Stay tuned on Wednesday or Thursday for a post that is right up your line.... something a bit spiritual that makes LadyLee tick! :)

  8. Yum...I need to come over. Where do you live again?

  9. @Jaimie... stop on through the ATL... there are a few cookies left!

  10. oh I know u don't get that personal...that's why u need a secret blog ;)

    And you know I don't play that bumping into the table mess...and S23 likes to sip on that would probably spill on the 'quipment!

    But she is gansta...maybe we should all chip in and get her a grill...LMAO

    S23 u know I love u !!! HAHAHAHA

  11. For yall's infor DJ Diva and Ladylee, I don't deal with thugs. But I do have my fantasies... But don't tell nobody.

  12. I don't eat sweets but those cookies looked good, famous amos don't have anything on you

  13. @ Twin...

    Where you been, Harpo? :)

    Dude, it's the holiday season... HAVE. A. COOKIE!!

    **Ladylee throwing Twin on his back and shoving a cookie into his mouth**

    @DJ Diva... Gurl, did you take S23's wine? 'Cause she's trippin hard... I think it's the pain killers she's taking... She needs a sip, though...

    Catch her before she knocks over that crate of records!


    stop playing, S23...

    Nothing wrong with loving those thugs...That was you we saw singing "It's the thuggish ruggish bones" in the first Thugs Bone and Harmony video waaayy back in the day... lol lol lol :)

  14. LMBO @ S23! This is simply unacceptable!!! I want them signed, sealed, and delivered. I was about to get all Juve too, ha!

  15. I woke up in the middle of the night and read the comments you wrote on my last post.. Straight gutter. Just called me out. I can't let nothing slide past you... And all this talk about a new post to be delivered today. And here it's 9:00 my time and still cookies... And you best believe I got some wine for Christmas that I haven't been able to drink due to the illness, but come hell or highwater, I'll be drinking on New Year's eve if it kills me..

  16. @Ladybug... You're late, late, late... Don't go and get Juvie on me, now!! Those remaining 10 cookies were crushed by my bro last night!


    Look Whoadie, I'm at work!!

    I'll post when I eat lunch...

    You been hatin' like a mug!!And then you have the nerve to have DJ DIVA and Ladybug ridin' shotgun! (Lack of wine is sumethin' else, ain't it?) I had to get back at ya! HAAA!! :)

    Yeah, you need to straight up get better so you can sip on that wine and gets back to normal!! LOL!

    Allow me to pop the cork (or in your case, twist the cap off). And here, take this straw!


  17. oooh, that was a low blow. I don't drink nothing with a twist cap.... Now go get your wine opener.


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