Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas...

Excuse my manners.... They're not all that great this month...

I forgot to wish you all Season's Greetings!

So I thought I'd take a little break from wrapping gifts, and post something "Christmasy"! (Yeah, I am wrapping gifts on Christmas morning, and I did 95% of my Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. I've also been baking cookies for the last 2 hours. Cut me a little slack, I don't have to be at Grandma's house 'til 3:00 this afternoon!)

But from me, Oldgirl Ladylee, to you...

Merry Christmas!

Happy Hannukah!

Happy Kwanzaa!

And for those of you who get caught up in semantics?

Happy Holidays!

I'm reminded of that wonderful tune "12 days of Christmas". No, not the traditional song you're thinking of. Sorry, but I have no visions of turtle doves, french hens, and partridges in a pear tree. I'm talking about that ghetto rap Miami bass version of the song by the rap group 95 South or 69 Boyz. (I can't tell the groups apart). It's been playing in heavy rotation on the urban stations in the ATL. I am especially fond ot the rapping homegirl's Christmas request...

I want...

1200 dollars

11 pairs of shoes

10 fanger nails

9 packs of weave

8 male strippers

7 bus passes

6 diamond rings

5 months free rent!!!!!

4 bangols

3 pocket books

2 earrings

and a MAN with a lot of money!

Humph! That's one heck of a wish list... I especially like the idea of 5 months free rent, 1200 dollars, and the man with a whole lot of money... That'll set me straight, at least until June, that's for sure.

And I know the shoe queen blogger
Serenity23 can get with those 11 pair of shoes. (By the way, S23, I don't wear heels...I'd appreciate you making a pair of Nikes the shoe of the week just one time! Thanks in advance! LOL! LOL!)

That list is better than some doggone turtle doves, that's for sure...

So here's to hoping your Christmas is the best yet!

The Original Oldgirl, Ladylee :)


  1. Here's hoping that the holiday season treats you and yours well.

  2. Merry Christams, Lady! Mail those cookies.

  3. I'll take the 9 packs of weave and a man with some money please...*singin ala Marilyn Monroe* Santa Baby...

    Merry Christmas lady!!!

  4. @ Hassan... same to you, dude!

    @ladybug... stay tuned for a cookie picture..

    @DJ DIVA... Yeah, if you catch a man with a whole lot of money, you can pretty much scrap the 5 months free rent and the 1200 dollars, can't you? And he'll be extra special if he got the hook-up on weaves, too! LOL!

    Hmmm... that's a thought.

  5. You don't wear heels? Lord Jesus what planet are you from? HA! I'll see what I can find in a kitten heel. That's as low as I go.

  6. @S23...

    Oh Mighty Show Queen, what the f*** is a "kitten heel"?

    Bump that! Make a NIKE Air Force One or a Jordan the shoe of the week!

    Go head on and do the darn thing, whoadie!

  7. @S23... My bad, I meant to call you the "Mighty SHOE Queen"!!!


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