Monday, December 12, 2005

On your Marks... Get Set... B O L O !!!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago, some coworkers and I played Jacks...

I screamed about not liking the cheap plastic jacks, but wanting the metal jacks (you know, the ones that could cause a choking hazard) that I use to play with back in the '70's and 80's.

Then I said something profound...

"Dang, I wish I could get hold of a Bolo Bat!!!!

Oh yes... You know what I'm talking about.

Down south, here in the ATL, they called it a "Bolo Bat". I'm hearing up north, they called it a "Bat and Ball". One of my older co-workers called it a "Rick and Rack". (I didn't even ask her what that meant.)

Anyway, a Bolo Bat is a wooden paddle with a rubber ball attached to it by a rubber string. The object of the game was to keep hitting the ball with the paddle, without missing the ball. (That's a funky explanation, but ya'll know what I'm talking about!

Cowgirl Cre, my coworker, found a few bolo bats at somebody's store...

And she brought those Bolo Bats to work!!

We have some pretty competitive people in our little cubicle area, namely the Infamous Hen-Dog and my bootleg manuscript editor, Ms. Sunshine...

So for a couple of days... THE BOLO BAT BATTLE WAS IN FULL EFFECT....

First of all, I tried working with the plastic bolo bats, but just like with the plastic jacks, I wasn't feeling it. I decided to just hang out and watch the competitions.

The battle became a little fierce between Sunshine and Hen-Dog... and it drew a lot of attention, even from a couple of supervisors. (Sorry management, don't get mad and try to talk smack...There's too much corruption going on for ya'll to get upset about some Bolo Bats!). Why, one of the supervisors took a Bolo Bat and tried to get to herself and practice... She gave up.

She was way out of her league, and I think she knew it... She eventually disappeared to run off and do whatever it is that management does...

Here are a couple of pictures...

Now what I found particular interesting is that Hen-Dog was very, I don't know, "vocal" while working with his Bolo Bat...

"Unh, Unh, UNH, What Gurl? Unh, Unh, Unh, Gurl... You don't want none of THIS, Gurl, Unh!!!..."

I looked around my cubicle at him, with a raised eyebrow...

"Hmmm Hen-Dog... you're sounding a bit sexual there!" I exclaimed.

He's a Q-dog, so I thought we were going to hear a little of that barking that I heard that you Q-Dogs during the sex act...


Sunshine was quiet while she got her bolo bat on...

...biting her lip, hand on her hip!

Wow, I guess we learned a little something about your bedroom behavior during the bolo bat tournaments, too, hunh girl???

LOL LOL LOL!!!! ;)

(Dang...Just kidding with you two.)

Anyway, there was no clear winner. I thought Sunshine was the best bolo batter. All I know, Sunshine was so fierce that she broke 2 bolo bats. (She immediately taped them up.)

She even was able to successfully synchronize two bolo bats at a time! (Don't worry Sunshine, I'm not even gonna touch that! LMAO!!!

I'm in search of real wooden bolo bats, while still searching for the real metal jacks! Will I ever find them?

Who knows??

My best friend Lady Tee called during the bolo bat frenzy...

"What ch'all doing, Lee??"
"Foolin' with these bolo bats, girl!"
"Humph," she sighed.
"Ya'll negroes don't do NO work!"

Yo Lady Tee... I'm not concerned about all that right now.

All I know, right now, we're trying to get our hands on two long jump ropes.

We're thinking about turning a little "Double Dutch"! (Yep, we're thinking BIG now!)

A survey showed that we all can turn double dutch, but none of us can jump it.

Surely someone in the building can do the jumping!

Then we'll just have to figure out how not to bust up our work areas turning those ropes...

Now that right there is a WHOLE 'nother issue!!!!


  1. Y'all need to do some work...

    *hating that y'all bolo-batting at the gig*

    Boss... They ain't working!!!

  2. Yo Hassan, don't hate the playa, hate the game!

  3. I never knew what that ball and paddle thing was called.

    If I played that much at work I'd get fired (I'm a teacher).

  4. Ha! yeah you'd probably get in a little trouble there, Jaimie. But seriously, this is just something we do when we are on breaks, lunchtime etc... We'd probably get a little bored if we did that all day (but I'm sure we'd be able to find something else to get into) LOL!

  5. Plastic paddles? Naw... can't se it. Give me the OG wooden paddles any day!!

  6. @ Sherri...
    You got that right, gurl... I didn't even bother to fool with that cheap plastic craziness... I gots to have the Wooden paddles!!!

  7. I wanna work with yall!!!!!!

    OMG yall have two much fun at work..

    Hint: purchase two very long telephone cords fo rthe double dutch LOL

    I can't jump eithr...but I can turn like a mutherf&^&@

    Dang...Some Black Girls Can't Jump...ROTFLMAO

  8. @DJ...

    2 long telephone chords... dang, it sounds like you've, um, don that before... (LOL:)

    Yeah, we do have a lot of fun at work. It's been busy lately, so we gotta get in where we fit in...

  9. LOL

    Yall were having a good azz time on the clock. I love it!!!

  10. Ladylee-How about you sit down and let those bolo bats go and get to writing a post about something that might help a young buck out. You know some life lesson or something. ~wink!~

  11. Ohhh you won't post about me this time. I remember Those! Lol. I could never work one but my sister could.

    I am so Glad yall don't work for me. Lol.

  12. @ "N" Search of Ecstacy... we sure were, Nic!! Wish you were here!

    @S23... No I just rather read about ya'll's angst, and reminisce on when I went through the same craziness. LOL!! But stay tune for a post on Friday about my divorce a couple of years ago... Just a spoonful of angst for you all every now and then! LOL

    @Groove... So, um, Groove... You had bolo bats up in Nova Scotia?
    Oh my!!

    You must be a mean 'ol boss... You'd probably take our jacks and our bolo bats. *Ladylee frowning* LOL LOL LOL!

  13. Hey way too hetrosexual to ever admit the existence of such an item :)

  14. @K88... So you a brother on the "down-low" with yours, hunh?!?


  15. I'm feeling that "Old School" video!

  16. It's Friday and it's early and I'm up in here looking for the post you promised.... Get to writing/typing Ladylee!

  17. @ Nic... thought you'd like that!!

    @S23... I was up writing for 4 hours last night... too much to post, so a cut down "low angst" version is posted!


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