Saturday, December 10, 2005

I miss Saturday Morning Cartoons, Part VII


I use to love the cartoon series The Flintstones, and I still watch it from time to time.

Now this cartoon series, which was loosely based on the sitcom the Honeymooners, was one of my all-time favorite cartoons. And come to think of it, it really wasn't a Saturday morning cartoon. It was the first cartoon series to air in primetime, though. The original episodes aired in the sixties, but what I remember most is the afternoon syndication runs on WTBS (Turner broadcasting).

This show was about Fred and Wilma Flintstone, and their best friends, Barney and Betty Rubble. I wasn't all that fond of Fred. He was a loud-mouth. Sometimes I wished that Wilma would just haul off and pimp slap his loud ass... Honestly, I don't know how Wilma and Pebbles remained calm around all that loudness.

And I don't know what was up with Betty and Barney. They were cool and all, but I always wondered why the creators of the show hooked Betty up with such a short dude. Well, all I know it was a good thing that Barney Rubble didn't have a Napoleon complex... Although, that subject would have made quite an interesting episode.

Then Bam-Bam, the superbaby, showed up on the scene. I found that disturbing. He just showed up, and he had superhuman strength. Shoot, he couldn't have been my child. I would've had shorty holding up banks and grocery stores. We would've NEVER been short on cash, that's for sure.

I liked the fact that animals were used for cheap labor, like vacuuming, bulldozing, punching timecards, etc. It was very obvious that there were no animal rights groups back in that day... Again, that subject matter would have been an interesting plot for an episode.

Oh, and then there was the big food they use to eat. Remember how the rack of ribs that Fred always ordered in the opening credits of the show would tip the WHOLE car over? Even the eggs were huge. I wish that food that big was possible. The world hunger problem would be solved in a heartbeat!!

And what was up with Fred and Barney using their feet to get the car going. They even used their feet as car brakes. This perplexed me as a child. I thought that had to be quite painful.

Now there was one thing I liked about Fred Flintstone... Oldboy knew how to get the heck on when it was time to get off from work. Remember how he use to happily slide down that dinosaur's back and run like hell for his car? Now that's what I'm talking about!

All in all, I loved the Flintstones... Several seasons are available on DVD and I have managed to buy a copy of the fourth season.

As a matter of fact, I think I'll watch a few episodes of The Flintstones instead of the horrible Atlanta news this Saturday morning!!


  1. girl...I know why Betty loved Barney...he was short...but did u see them feet? LOL

    I used to love the animal was cool to see what they would come up with and who would be used for what..

    You remember the "Beatle" like family that moved next door? That was my all time favorite episode!!!

    well Yabba Dabba Doo...the orginal Oldgirl has brought me mo gen

  2. Okay Lady since you are determined to stay on this Cartoon kick, bet you can't guess my two favorite 80's cartoons! Nope, so I'll tell you.

    GEM and She-Ra! You remember She-Ra, He-Man's sister right? Oh man I used to rush home from school to see me some She-ra! I know you remember that! And do you remember GEM, that was the singer with the pink hair. Remember she was really Jerrica? Remember the rival group the Misfits? Well I guess if you don't remember GEM at all you don't but I hope you know what I am talking about because I loooooved that cartoon! I have been waiting patiently for them to put it on DVD but doesn't look they ever will, sigh. And yeah I love The Flintstones but I hated those with Harvey Korman AKA Kazoo! That was stupid to make a space man with cavemen. And I hate The Jetsons. Is it just me or is that the most boring cartoon in the world. Yep, Flintstones rule. I loved Pebbles & Bam Bam. What got me is that Fred thought he was so smart but when it came down to it he was dumber than Barney, LOL!

  3. I've just completed an entry on my favorite seasonal cartoons on Charlie Brown yesterday-- but you made me smile going back to my old favorite Saturday Morning cartoons of the Flintstones.

    Oh I love Fred and Barney crazy escapades, especially when they had to stay in a haunted house after an great relative died. Now that show was funny with a twist of mystery. Or the alien invasion on Bedrock-- Yab ba Dab ba Do (remember the multiple Fred's walking around Bedrock causing chaos?)

    LOL @ the animals doing our dirty deeds around the house, now that's a change in modern technology.

  4. @DJ Diva... LOL! You WRONG for that feet comment... Glad I can take you back, homegirl!


    SHUT UP!! Shut up, shut up, shut up, Stacy D. I use to LOVE She-ra. Dang, I'm tripping about you remembering She-Ra. I hate to admit it, but me and another girl use to run home and look at some She-ra and talk about it the next day... (mind you, Stacy-D., I was in the 10th grade at the time LOL :)!!!!

    Jem... she's truly outrageous.. (I KNOW you know the song by heart). I liked that one too, but not as much as She-RA.

    I too have been looking for the DVD, especially for She-ra. (All I could find is that old crazy He-man ish!)

    Now when Kazoo came on the scene in the Flintstones, I lost complete interest. I REFUSED to look at any episodes involving that idiot...

    And I do agree... Fred wasn't the smartest dude in the world...


    I like the multiple Fred's episodes. I just looked at that episode yesterday...

    And I've just GOT to get your way and check out your Charlie Brown post... That's another one of my favorites...

    Thanks for coming by, inker!

  5. Oh right Lady it was " JEM "! LOL! I should be bull-whipped! I used to love that cartoon like my family yet I forgot how to spell her name, LOL! Dang I hope they do put them on DVD soon, she and She-Ra! I'd pay one hundred dollars for each disk, LOL! BTW, I'm watching Boomerang now and Josie and the Pussycats are on. I loved their songs!

  6. Yeah that's right Stacy-D, you spelled it Wrong!!! What kind of fan are you?

    100 buck per DVD... I don't know about all that, now. (Can I get the bootleg for 10 bucks?)

    Dang I wish I had the boomerang channel!!!


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