Thursday, December 22, 2005

Only in the hood...

I slowed down long enough to catch a picture of something very "hoodish"...

A picture of a mailbox at the end of my street.

For the past six weeks, I've had to look at this craziness...

Oh, well...

Only in the hood...

Damn, where's a good neighborhood association when you need one?


  1. Aiight, since I'm kiking it in my "Hands Across the Hood" campaign this Christmass weekend and I carry my camers everywhere, I'm snapping some ghett-o-ness myself.

    Love the chair... priceless.

    We gotta get that mail though!

  2. LOL. That pic is an original-- great laugh!

  3. Sunshine10:34:00 PM

    I'm not mad at them. My mailbox has been hit 3 times and I feel their pain. The second time it was hit, my neighbor had a family member weld it back together. After all that, it was recently hit again while I was away from home. There was a case number on a police card for me to get a report. That was nice of the person to call the police and everything. You know I would have kept going. So, now my mailbox will not close. As long as I am getting my mail, whatever. I had mine sitting on the ground after it was hit the first time. My mailperson wasn't having any parts of that. She would not leave my mail. I guess it was too far for her to bend down without falling out of the truck! LOL

    PS I loved chapter 24. It gave me that "love is in the air" feeling. You usually leave us hanging but....

  4. Damn girl ...That was funny as hell!!!

    I need to take some hood shots the stray cat in the baby stroller LOL

  5. They might just want to get a P.O. Box for all that.

  6. Jeff Foxworthy recently had a contest of send in a picture of something very redneckish in someone's yard...I think this would qualify as both hoodish and red would have won the pot Ladylee...this was funny!


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