Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sunshine-- My other beloved bootleg editor.

"Sunshine" is my other bootleg, i.e., "work for free" editor. We call her Sunshine because she always comes to work with a big smile on her face and a little pep in her step...

She's the only one who seems to be so elated to come to work, you see.

I almost expect to hear that little happy song by Katrina and the Waves begin to play whenever she happily skips down the hall or enters a room:

"Now I'm Walking on Sunshine (whoa oh)
I'm walking on Sunshine (whoa oh)
I'm walking on Sunshine (whoa oh)
And don't it feel good (Hey!) (Alright now)
And don't it feel good (Hey) (Yeah)"

No we don't hear that song when she walks down the hall or into a room, but I'm sure it's playing in her head...

...And it's probably playing very loudly.

She's just as ruthless as Ol' Mean Ass Cynthia, but her ruthless nature is tempered with a bright Colgate smile. And the more she rips apart what I've written, the brighter that smile gets.

So here's to you, "Sunshine"...
Thank's for making my day oh so bright!!


  1. Anonymous11:41:00 AM

    Now..., I would not actually consider myself a bootleg editor. I HAVE SKILLS. AND, I am providing these skills free of charge. (for now:) Once you blow up, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT TRYING TO HIRE A PROFESSIONAL EDITOR. My rates will be reasonable. Just remember from whence you came (aight!!!)

  2. Look here, Sunshine, I mean "Ms. Anonymous", like I told the other bootleg editor, volunteer work is a very, very good thang. It is better to give than to receive. Let me make it plain: you will NEVER receive any compensation from me. Got that? Maybe an acknowledgment someday. I'll give you that much. Got that?

    Okay...Now get back to work.



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