Sunday, August 21, 2005

Atlanta Weekend Traffic Gridlock...Oh My!!!

I heard something bizarre on several local news telecasts on Friday night...

Something to the effect of "Whatever you do, don't get on on I-285. Find an alternate route!"

Never heard that before...

As a matter of fact, the newscasters were screaming about staying off of all the interstates- I-75, I-85, I-20, and I-285- entirely. Turns out that the DOT was going to try and make up for all the construction they're behind on. It's been raining cats and dogs all summer, you see.

Needles to say, I just heard all of this and thought... "Hmm..."

Then I turned the channel to something a little more interesting.

Well, I needed to go to Decatur on Saturday to investigate a book club that I'm interested in. Problem is, I needed to get on I-285 to get there. I remembered the warning on the news that I should find another route.

Well I tried that. But lo and behold, I got stuck downtown on I-75/I-85. And it was much worse than weekday rush hour traffic. No one mentioned that the Atlanta Braves were in town. Everybody and their mama was trying to get to Turner Field. So I had to find a back way to Decatur. I took the scenic route through at least ten Atlanta neighborhoods to reach my destination.

Needless to say, I was late for the meeting. This grates my nerves because I pride myself on being punctual. What should have been a twenty-five minute drive turned into an hour drive. Luckily the meeeting hadn't even started yet.

This ought not to have been so... Especially on a weekend!

My solution?? The DOT should work in the rain!!!! Deal with it!


  1. Anonymous6:26:00 PM

    I heard about the back up traffic on the Interstate Saturday. It may have been in connection with a white station wagon that lost the back tire and caused back up traffic for miles and hours.

  2. Anonymous11:48:00 AM

    There was also some nut "threatening" to jump off a bridge into I-75 traffic. I wish they would take these cries for attention elsewhere...why not a surface street?


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