Friday, August 19, 2005

Gas... How high will it go???

I paid $25.00 to fill up my Mazda the other day. $25.00 damn dollars. And I'm scooting along in a little Protege! I would be living under a bridge right now if I was driving an SUV !!

Gas prices in Atlanta are averaging $2.59/gallon for regular unleaded, and $2.89/gallon for premium brands. But it could be worse ya'll. According to Liberty Post, gas prices are skyrocketing all over. Here are just a few prices around the world:

Netherlands $6.48/gallon
Moscow $2.19/gallon
London $5.79/gallon
Tokyo $4.24/gallon
Cuba $3.03/gallon

But that's not the worst of it. I was listening to the Classic Soul 102.5 Si-man (Baby!) show, and he mentioned some to the lowest gas prices...

Saudi Arabia $ 0.91/gallon
Kuwait $0.78/gallon
Iran $0.38/gallon

And here's the real kick in the head....Iraq $0.05/gallon

5 cents per gallon in Iraq...
What the heck is going on?? Now what is that all about???


  1. Anonymous12:36:00 PM

    If not for the war, I would have to find work in Iraq until the gas prices go down. You see, I am one of the SUV drivers and it cost me 70 bucks to fill up the other day. Ouch!!!!

  2. GLORY!!!!

    Almost enough to make you wanna go and steal some gas, ain't it???

  3. Are you SERIOUS??!!!
    Five cents a gallon in Iraq?!
    From empty, it takes $40 - $45 to fill up my LITTLE JETTA. When I first got it, it was $25 to fill the tank. I'm sick!

  4. Anonymous8:00:00 AM

    My Goodness!
    I must think twice about the distance I have to go. It took
    25.00 bucks for a 1/2 tank of Supreme and I went to the next county and it's back on empty.
    Looks like working just to pay for the gas!

  5. Damn, and I look at ya'll's costs for fill ups and I'm complaining about $25.00. Hmm.. I'm sorry:(

    ...Just don't let me see any of you all on the news handcuffed & on your knees...arrested for stealing gas (LOL)!!!

  6. Anonymous1:29:00 AM

    newbie to your blog, I'm reading it like a sleep for me



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