Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Writing Progress- Chapter 19- (week of 8/14/05)

This blog entry goes out to my two "bootleg" editors: Ol' Mean Ass Cynthia and "Sunshine"...

And to my critiquers: Sister-T, The Good Sister, Cre, Tisha, Meek-Meek, Alex, Gigi, Que, Carter-Anne, Monica, Melissa, Kim, Cotena, Auntie, Lady Tee, and Hen-Dog (Puffy-Q)...

Okay my beloved manuscript readers, Chapter 19 is near completion.

And if one more of you runs up on me in the hallways at work, and ask me "Where's my Chapter 19?" or "I was out last week, did you hand out Chapter 19 yet?", I'm gonna smack ya!!! (just kidding:-)

Anyway, there's a little spanish in this chapter and I've been waiting on one of my critiquers, Ms. Gigi, to give me some translations. She came through today. (Thanks Gigi!!) I asked my fellow chemist Jose for a translation of a couple of phrases and he ran up to his desk and got a Spanish-English translation dictionary. Hmm... a fluent Spanish speaking Puerto Rican fellow having to consult a dictionary? This puzzeled me. I don't want his help anymore!

Chapter 19 has been very difficult to write. It's one of those slow chapters. I didn't care for it that much. It's more informational than anything (like Chapter 16). No bizzare cliffhangers this time...If you can remember, three out of five of the last chapters have ended with some crazy cliffhangers. (Stop your wailing, Cotena... it's just a story, sweetie.)

I've been making notes and writing dialogue in a little notebook while riding the MARTA train back and forth to work. I'm having to cull all this information together and think about it... So bare with me, ya'll...

So hold on to your weaves ladies (and my one gentleman reader, Henry). You will have your chapter pretty soon!

P.S. And Auntie? Please stop reading my manuscript to Grandma... Even though you say Grandma is enjoying it, this may be just a little too much for her delicate ears... LOL ;)


  1. Thanks for the info in Chapter 19.... I had entirely too many questions about everyone's past!

  2. I am jackin' your "mean ol' cynthia" name...know two chicks that have that name and have that disposition...lol
    Thanks for stopping by...but ummm, ain't PMS'n...lol

  3. You can jack the name, alli-babe, but I promise, there's no one meaner than Ol' Mean Ass Cynthia!!!

  4. Anonymous11:14:00 AM

    Hey, hey...now "Mean-asses" have feelings too--no matter how stealthily they may be hidden away.

  5. Yeah, Ol' Mean Ass Cynthia, I mean "Anonymous", those feelings are locked deep down inside where the sun don't shine, aren't they?



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