Friday, August 26, 2005

Gas...How high will it go? Part II

Glory! Hallaleujah! Praise the Lord!

Sing a song of gladness! Lift your voices in praise!!

Clutch the Pearls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Somebody give me one of those old hand held church fans with Martin Luther the King on the front of it!!

Did you hear that gas prices have dropped this low overnight?????

Heck No.
You didn't hear it. And you didn't see it either. That above is just an old picture... A really old picture.

I thought I would just play a little joke on you, that's all!!!


But do you remember when gas prices were this damn low???

And more importantly, were you like me during this time? ...Complaining that $1.41/gallon was too doggone much to be paying for gas????


And even worse...


I do. Hey, and I am not ashamed to admit it...

Who would've thought that we were living in days of glory back then??

And I've got another question for you...
How are you gonna feel when gas hits $5.00/gallon???

Because you know it's coming. Oh yeah, it's coming...

...Just like when Miss Celie stood out on the front porch of Mister's house looking out over the horizon at the swirling storm clouds. She knew something strange was going on. Something bizzarre was about to happen. That's when Mister bought home Suge Avery... And Suge Avery looked in Celie's face and said "You sho' is ugly!!!"

Back to my point...

And I'm saying that now. Gas prices sho' is ugly!!!!!! And they're probably gonna get even uglier.

You know it's coming...

So what are you doing to ride out this storm we call "the high price of Gas?"

I was listening to V-103's Frank and Wanda Morning show on Wednesday morning, and they were asking listeners how they were coping with the price of gas. The two major answers were:

1. Filling up the tank with regular unleaded even though the manufacturer
suggests Premium unleaded gas for your car. (Oh yeah, I bet the mechanics just love that one. They're gonna make much, much bread off of busted up engine repairs and replacements.)

2. Buy an extra car. Some folks are paying up to $400.00/month in gas costs for SUVs. That's the same as a car note. So, some folks are buying an extra car. (Okay this sounds good? But somehow, I don't think it is good. I won't comment any further on that.)

Me? What am I doing?

1. I use to fill my gas tank only halfway. I know this is stupid, but hey it at least made me feel like I was spending less money.

2. I've been riding MARTA. They have that oh so popular motto, you know: "MARTA is Smarta". Most of the time, it doesn't feel that way, though. For example, this morning, we were packed on the trains like sardines, shoulder-to-shoulder, butt-to-butt. And the air conditioner was busted, so it was like 100 degrees and 100% humidity on the train. And someone standing near me forgot to brush their teeth. And let's not talk about the one or two people on the train who are a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic, i.e., the people who are just a wee bit crazy!

My best friend, Lady Tee, is paying sixty bucks a week for her gas. Her commute is around seventy miles round trip. She said once gas hits over 3.00/gallon, she's turning in her resignation.

Hmm... Oh my!!!!! That's too drastic for me. I have a nice cushy government job!!

But...What is a girl to do???


  1. A couple of things first...
    You're a winner so send me your mailing address to: Next, THANKS for linking me.

    Now, this gas thing is a mess. But it's falling in line with so much that's going on lately. Big companies profiting at the expense of the middle class and below. Prices are going up on gasoline, natural gas and other utilities and we're stuggling just to pay for these necessities. People are having to decide whether to pay for utilities or medication. Then of course, there are laws that are being passed to benefit big businesses and hurt consumers. Laws to keep a person from filing from bankruptcy, reduce medicaid benefits, limit malpractice rewards, and so much more. Girl, I could go on, and on, and on. It's getting ridiculous and it's going to keep on going in this direction unless we do something about it.

  2. Yeah, the gas thing is a mess. But you best believe that somebody is lining their pockets with profits from these gas prices! What makes me sad is that I saw on a program last week that some people have had to cut back on their grocery budget in order to pay for gas! I hate to see what happens if gas reachs 3, 4, or 5 dollars per gallon.

    I'm glad I won a book! I'll email you my info.

    And I had to link you... your blog has been helpful to me!!



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