Monday, November 28, 2005

Remembering Days of Old... Jacks!!!!

How ya'll like the new "photo" that I added to my blog profile a couple of days ago???

I saw this little girl the Friday after Thanksgiving... Cowgirl Cre, The Infamous Hen-Dog, and I were sitting around at work watching SchoolHouse Rock (all 46 snippets) on my laptop computer. (Yeah, I know, we should have been working... I got a little work done, but I was a lazy ass, too; But it was all worth it to see the Infamous Hen-Dog doing the running man, the Omega Psi Phi stomp, or whatever that little jig was he was working on, to "Lolly, Lolly, Lolly Get your Adverbs Here!" LMAO...HILARIOUS)...

But anyway...This little black girl was a part of the "I Got Six" SchoolHouse Rock snippet...

Cowgirl Cre and I, who had been swaying HARD from side to side, and sanging real HARD to the other snippets didn't recognize the "I Got Six" snippet... (Imagine us sitting there, all quiet, squinting real hard at the laptop...)

Well, we saw this little girl... she was smiling hard counting eggs and placing them in cartoons. Then the eggs hatched, and she started counting little chicks...

Then later on, she started playing jacks!

Cowgirl Cre and I screamed at the same time...


Now, I use to be DOWN for some jacks when I was little. You oldgirls (and some of you oldboys) who are between the ages of thirty and forty-something know EXACTLY what I'm talkin' about. Talk about hours of fun...

And if you had the colorful jacks and the colorful ball??

Oh Lawd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that was a real game. Bump this playstation sh*t..... Jacks was the bomb back in the day...

My friends and I would get into HEATED arguments if any one of us picked up them jacks the wrong way... And you were Baaadddd if you could pick up over 15 jacks and then catch that ball after one bounce...

Dayum!! And I use to cheese just as hard as this little girl if I won a game...

So that picture takes me back to a time when I would sit on the floor in the middle of the kitchen or on the floor at school (shoot, any smooth level surface would do...) and play jacks...

For hours at a time...

Today's girls don't know what they're missing.

And the sad thing is that I don't even know where to buy jacks...

Hey, maybe they got it for Xbox 360 or Playstation 2!!

(Yeah Right...)


  1. I'm buggin'. I'm an old head myself, so I know all about Schoolhouse Rock. I actually just turned my 9-year-old nephew to them. He doesn't appreciate the classics, well, what is new to him. Never seen your blog before, but loving the SR chick. She's so cute.

    Here's another flashback, and I'm from NY, but I know this is universal. Was talking the other day to a girlfriend about how we were our mother's remote control, having to get up and change the channel on the TV. Nowadays, we'll go to another room to get the remote before we go to the TV to change the cable box station. Complete laziness. Or how about mixtapes being radio recordings on your cassettes. Whew, we've come a long way.

    Take care and if you're ever in the neighborhood, check out


  2. CowgirlCre7:41:00 AM

    Hey Girl!! You are gettin' down with the pics on your blog. I remember when you were relutant to put in the standard one for each post. Now you are scanning in pics and everything. You are becoming a pro... You go girl!!

    HenDog did make our day didn't he!! I was laughing at home about that.

    Oh those days of playing jack and all those tricks we used to make up when picking up the jacks. I remember how angry we would get when somebody would step on our jacks. You know this mean certain death for the plastic ones which was why I liked the metal ones. Those were the days.

    Jack on playstation and X-box!!!! That is funny!! However that is probably the only way most kids today would ever play.

  3. I LOVED jacks. We would play for hours on end.

    I did get my daughter interested when she was 6 or 7, bu that was ten years aog.

    Young girls these days don't know what they are missing.

    Oh, and I got my kids to watch the schoo house rock videos a few years ago. I want to find them on DVD.

    Hope you had a great weekend.

  4. Jacks was the game. A good rubber ball and some metal jacks, the colored ones, umm, it was on. We used to sit on the steps until 2:00am playing jacks by the light from the street light, and back out side early the next morning. My knuckles used to get all scuffed up, but I got all my jacks up though. In B-more, wasn't nothing like playing jacks on those cold marble steps. I was even Jacks champion at our local rec center. Those were the days. Jacks, red light green light, freeze tag, Its, the string game, Mother may I, and all the other games that had a song to go along with them. These kids don't know nothin 'bout that stuff. That was fun.

  5. I don't know much about jacks...I know what they are cause I have seen them on TV, but not something I am familiar with.

    I am glad you found me though. :)

  6. Yo I am a schoolhouse rock HEAD!!!!!!!!

    "I'm just a Bill" was my favorite..I shoulda went into law LOL

    But u really just brought it BACK with the JACKS

    The twins will kiss you when we come to the ATL...cause I am RUNNING to the 99 cents store for 3 sets!!!! We fittin to have a tournament up in here!!!!

    Damn we may have to lock up Puss In Boots though...That cat will lose his mind with all of the balls flying LOL

  7. @media mavin...

    Now, you brought back some memories with the whole mixtape from the radio... I am all too familiar with that one! LOL! Thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods...

    @Cowgirl Cre...
    That damn Hen-Dog doing the running man to "Lolly, Lolly, Lolly get your adverbs here" was too funny... We laughed a LONG time at that one...

    I always hated when some hater would step on the jacks too... Then we use to have that one jack in the set that was broken and hard to pick up.... And it hurt like hell when you step on a jack with bare feet...Dang!


    Hey, you can get the entire School house Rock collection on DVD at Best Buy. I saw it and snatched it with a vengeance!!!

    hope you had a good weekend too, and thanks for stopping through....

    @Blessed One...

    You were outside playing jacks at 2:00 am in the cold? Talk about dedication... scraping knuckles and all...And to top it off, you was a jacks champion...

    *Ladylee falling on the floor bowing down to you*... Now THAT'S an accomplishment to be proud of!!

    @Nu Groove...

    I swear woman, you're like superman and clark kent with your change ups... I ain't mad at you! Keeps things interesting, don't it... Really though... Always loved your blog, just had a problem keeping up with ya!!!

    And you don't know about Jacks? You're just joking, right???

    Groove that is oh so SCARY!!

    What in the heck is going on up in Nova Scotia?????????????????? NO JACKS???Are you all on another planet or something? LMAO!!!!

    Sista, you just don't know what you were missing!!!

    Thanks for stopping by!!! I'll try to keep pace in the future :)

  8. @DJ...

    Yo DJ... you can still buy jacks somewhere? (And I ain't talking about those bootleg plastic ones. I mean the small metal ones!!) Dang! I will be going to the Dollar store this weekend to see if they are there...

    School House Rock was the bomb wasn't it? I can't believe we still knew those songs word for word...

    I got cats, and I wouldn't DARE try to play jacks around them fools either!!!

  9. The new pic is GREAT!!!

    Ahhhhhh, the good ole days. Yes i remember sitting on the porch with my girlfriends and my younger sisters playing jacks or jumping double dutch (smile).

    Kids now a days don't seem to be too interesting in playing with the toys from my childhood. Like you mentioned, all they want is to get the latest xbox or some other toy that will cost about $300!

  10. @"N" Search for Ecstacy...

    We have been talking about jacks all day at work. We talked about the bolo bat and the hoola-hoop too...

    You realize that stuff didn't cost much?? A bolo bat and jacks were less than a dollar. I think a hoola-hoop was around 5 dollars (if I'm remembering correctly...) WE KNEW HOW TO HAVE FUN! Now kids want this electronic gadgetry which requires virtually no thought and is low on the fun factor... Geeeezzzz....

  11. Am I old? I don't know...I'm 29. Anyway, I remember playing with jacks too. My daughter and I were looking at pictures of things that start with "j" and there was a picture of a jack. She had no idea what it was. I miss those days...

  12. Schoolhouse Rock!!!
    I'm shedding a tear...

  13. @ Jaimie... nope, you're not getting old... You just remember when games were REAL, that's all... I hear they still have jacks in stores, but they are big and plastic (eww!!)..

    I'm loving your blog... thanks for coming by my way:)


    don't cry CC... *Ladylee patting Chubby Chocolate on the back*

    just go out and buy the DVD, girl!!

  14. Hope and pray that I will...

    But today I am still...

    Just a bill.


    Good memories there.

  15. Damn Hassan, you gonna make me cry!

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  17. Hey Lady,

    You yanked a sista by the back of the neck and snatched her back in the day talking about them damned jacks! I was the champion of the neighborhood, and could pick up six jacks one at a time on one ball bounce during my heyday! Man! Those were the days.

    I tell you, your blog is off the chain and feels like a trip down memory lane. Who could forget schoolhouse rock? And what's really sad is even though I don't have the DVD, I still remember every word of every diddy from "I'm Just a Bill" to "A Noun Is a Person, Place, or Thing". Hell, truth be told, Schoolhouse Rock got me thru my SAT/ACT the hell else would I ever have known what a damned conjunction was! [I got and, but, and or...they'll get you pretty far]...

  18. Dang Sharon, you were the ish back in the day!! I was NEVER jacks champion...

    Somebody brought in some jacks today... Stay tune for a follow-up post about it!

    Glad you like my blog! I'm digging your's too!


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