Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Again.

Well it is Monday.
Once again.

Seems like this day of the week always comes around at this very same time...

It never fails.

LOL. Yes, that sounds silly. But it feels like this year is flying by. Before you know it, it will be spring time. Why next weekend, we will be hollering "Happy Easter". We'll be scrounging through bushes looking for easter eggs.

Haven't done that in awhile. It is fun to remember, though.

Anyway, it is cold as I don't know what in the ATL. I'm not sure why it's 37 degrees outside right now, but man... when I think of the month of March, I think sunshine and 70 degrees at least. Yes we have had some warm days here, but not quite enough.

This morning started off with a doctor's appointment. Sigh. I wasn't all that happy about that. Not to mention that I woke up this morning in a FOUL mood. Not sure what's up with that. I think I was a little miffed because I had to leave home earlier than usual and drive some 30 miles to the doctor's office. You know how much I don't like to drive. And besides, I'm not riding in luxury right now. I'm traveling around in Pam!

Pam is on program until Lucy's wreckage gets fixed.

Go Pam! Pam has clocked a good 175 miles over the past 3 days. Whew!

Not a smooth luxurious ride like that lexus. No sir. But that little car know it gets on down the road!

I have been lazy about getting the 150,000 mile service on Pam. It is 1000 miles overdue, so I took Friday morning off and went and got it done. The car was in good shape, so that's a good thing. No extra work needed, just the preventative stuff. Amazing how I get the lead out of my butt when the other car went down, and do what I have to do for this little car. Must. do. Better.

My doctor's appointment went okay. I was a tad bit apprehensive about going because we were butting heads at my last appointment in January. I did some things she needed me to do over the past couple of months, and I am happy about that. I know she is too.

I went into the examination room and saw this.

Now when on earth did they start putting nice comfy chairs in the exam rooms? Is this a new trend?

Like I said, the appointement went well. No arguing this time. I hope it stays that way.

Saturday.  Saturday was my best friend LadyTee's 45th birthday.

I made a card.

And we went out to eat.

Here's her plate of food.

That's a LOT of seafood. Deviled crab, whitefish, shrimp and oysters. She took half of that home!

I posted a food picture just to make you hungry! LOL

I will do a big post on that some time this week.

Picture of the week. So, one day last week, I came home to see a new plank in the fence.
That makes me smile. The girl that bought the house next door is trying to flip it. Everyone was using the yard as shortcut to the next street (yes, they tore out the back fence when they raided the empty house, which is still standing empty).

A plank on my side had fallen. I would use the handle of my hedge clippers to nail it back up. That was never good enough, because it wouldn't be long before it would come aloose again. But they put up a new plank. Nope, it's not the same color wood, but who cares. It was a good gesture.

My mood was foul when I woke up. Some of that started yesterday. I think I am PMSing. And then I spent a lot of my weekend taking in the first two seasons of this show on Netflix:

Oh, that show is depressing. It's very good, but depressing. I have decided that it is some type of kicked up soap opera. There are a group of humans trying to survive together, and some of them have deep emotional issues... and in the midst of all this, a few zombies amble through and chase and eat people. Oh how depressing.

And most of the drama involves people from the group wandering off... and now everyone has to go look for them. And oh yeah, they have to dodge that gang of zombies ambling through who chase and eat you. Interesting.

I wouldn't be a good person to have in the group. I don't play very well with others in my space for long periods of time. And I'm not walking off in the woods looking for people who get wander off.  No sir.

Very good show. But I watched too much of it. I needed to watch something happy.

I think I was a little sad too because my aunt came to town and I didn't know about. My sister called and talked of the day she, my aunt and my mother spent together. It makes me sad sometimes that I am not apart of that. But when I work to rid my life of a bunch of drama, well, I don't get a chance to attend many family outings. But I told my sister I was glad that she got a chance to spend time with her and and our mother. My sister deals with a huge amount of drama (and Lord knows I have to pick her hurt feelings up off the ground on a regular basis, which is a vein of stress to me in itself), but she is determined to have some family time somehow. And that's a good thing.  And I am glad that my aunt and mother are somewhat getting along. That's good also. Sometimes, I miss having some sense of family. That's all.

I woke up in a foul mood, but after a couple of hours, a little reading, and some prayer, and just examining and dealing with my feelings, I feel much better.  Much better.

I am looking forward to having a great day... on purpose.

You do the same.


  1. That seafood looks like the business, where did you go to get it?!? I might have to stop there my damned self the next time I'm in Atlanta.

    By the way, it was cold here in Charleston this morning. When I got up I think it was 38 or 39 degrees and that's just too damned cold for me.

    1. That is Bay Breeze out in Mableton, Ga... the west side, surburbs, about 15 miles from downtown ATL.

      I am SICK of this cold weather. The other day, it was 37 degrees ALL day. Ugh!

  2. I love your blog. Been reading for years but mostly lurk. Sometimes family comes in the form of friends. Lord knows my family has their share of drama, which I stay away from on a regular basis!

    1. Hi there, you lurker! And why aren't you participating in the sweepstake giveaways? Those are done to bring the lurkers out.

      Like I said, I do all I can to support my sister's feelings and her strive to be family oriented, since she is the diplomat of the family, and the "good child". I just don't want her to turn to the dark side!

      Yes, friends are more family to me. I wish it wasn't so, but over the years, that is what has happened.

  3. So glad your day got better. I love love love The Walking Dead. I've had to DVR it for the last few weeks because it comes on the same time as The Bible.

    1. Man.... this Walking Dead. That is some fine writing. Very fine. Emotionally wrenching, though.

      I am in the midst of getting through the third season. This season is better than the first two. More people around... those doggone zombies are still ambling through and killing people. But I like this third season better. Hopefully I can catch up to the current season pretty soon.

  4. You just made me want fish. Andre has been talking about The Walking Dead but I've never seen it.



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