Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Freestyles... The Prolific Evening Edition

I don't know why I'm posting so late today.

Shame, shame, shame!

Maybe because it's Payday!! *wide swooping cartwheels*


Anyway, it is BEAUTIFUL outside here in the ATL. It's around 70 degrees right now, all sunny and bright. I left home earlier than normal this morning so I could go to Whole Foods. I bought the most interesting fruit a couple of days ago, and I wanted more.

Golden Nugget tangerines. They are some ugly suckers, but they are GOOD and sweet, and as big as regular oranges. I'm not a big fan of tangerines. For some reason, I don't like small citrus fruits. But these were big and good! I went back and bought 6 pounds! Yes that will make it a good weekend!

I gave a few away. But I still have enough to last me for a minute!

Too bad it's gonna rain cats and dogs this weekend. Awwwwwww. :(

Yes, that's much too bad.

And this oldgirl is going to be in the house... doing homework.


Why? Because I signed up for this writing workshop. It's a six week workshop, on an intermediate level, costing $150, which is a VERY good price. So I'm happy about that. When I'm fighting with a story, I like to put it through a class with hopes of improving it. We had to give a short summary of what we were working on. I gave a 5 minute spiel of my novella Leaving Jersey. That went well enough, but the instructor said later on when going around while talking about our projects that she didn't know the source of conflict in my story. So I will be working on fleshing that out more.

There are only 5 or 6 people in the class and they are some powerhouses! Goodness gracious alive! I hope I can hold my own with them!

But my story needs some work, to the point where I will sit in the room with some stellar folks, most of whom seem to be writing some interesting historical fiction.

Yes. I will be a brave Oldgirl.

*big karate spin and Bruce Lee moves*

Oscar-Tyrone. The convalescing old kitty with the hepatitis and pancreatis isshas seems to be coming along pretty well. And I know he's well when he continues to stare at me while I lay out on the sofa.

Oh how I hate when he does this. And I think he knows it too, because he will sit there for HOURS and watch me sleep or he will just stare.

Sometimes I get to the point where I holler "STOP STARING AT MEEEEEEE!"

He lets up if I bust him in the head with a pillow. But he comes back after a few minutes.

The only time he doesn't bother me is during prayer time. He will sit quietly across the room and have his own prayer time.

Well, I guess he has to pray about those hepatitis and pancreas issues of his. Or maybe he just dozed off.

*fanning Oscar-Tyrone with my Obama church fan*

Amen, Oscar. Amen.

During my prayer time, I like to crochet. That actually gives me incentive to get up early and pray. And my current project is pretty much finished. It is blogger Mrs. A's baby blanket.

It's pretty much done. It is 3 feet x 3 feet.  As you can see, the ball of yarn is still attached to it.  I can't finish it off because I don't know the sex of the baby(ies). 

Yes, that's right. I don't know. I started this blanket when the baby was merely a thought in her mind. 

A mere thought.

A mere seed. 

*blog family rolls eyes and hollers "here she go with that seed bizness!"*

WHATEVER. That's how I look at things.

Anyway, I started this when it was a mere thought. And then those thoughts were translated into words.

For out of the heart... the mouth speaks.

I can tell what you thinking by what you are saying.

*church spin*

I remember reading her blog about wanting a baby and how they were working on that. At that time I thought "Whelp! Guess it's time to make that 30 minute drive down yonder to the southside and buy this here yarn."

Yeah, I started on it when she was talking about it.

I already know the deal. Like I said, go get the yarn. Don't wait around.

Anyway, they ended up doing all this testing, etc.... and did some in vitro type thing. It was all very fascinating, these write-ups of it all on her blog. Of course it appeals to the Dr. LadyLee the Scientist part of me. I almost went and bought a book on it so I could be knowledgable about it all.

But I decided just to keep on crocheting.

Lo and behold, she put up a picture of her embryos, which are the fertilzed eggs, before they were implanted.

She shouldn't have done that.

I went over to our admin assistant's office and told him (real whispery-like) "I'ma send you a picture file. I'ma need you to print that out for me on the good printer over here, the good color printer. Thank you."

And he did it. And brought the picture to my desk. Without a word. (But I know he had to be thinking "What the world!")

Well I stuck that picture in laptop bag and took it home and taped it to my fridge. Sure did.

Yes. It is there. Just beneathe the crock pot and the tall school cafeteria pot I use for gumbo. And next to the my company logos.


Hmmm... I can do that, can I not? Write the vision on the wall... make it very plain so when the people see it they can run with it. 

I like what the Message bible of that particular verse in bible says.... write the vision on the wall in BIG BLOCK LETTERS... 

Yeah... I don't have big block letters, but I have some logos. Yes sir. I have logos.

Those embryos are new, and weren't here... they didn't exist until recently.

But I have my little bit of faith to add to theirs...

And a trusty needle and a couple skeins of baby sport weight yarn. Yes I do.

And now they are pregnant! And the blanket is done, all except the border! I don't know if it needs to be ruffle edge for a prissy girl, or straight edge for a rough boy! We'll find out!

Hope all goes well with that, hon! When I know, I will mail the blanket! Lickety-split! ON PURPOSE!

I need to work on something else now. I may work on another one for our expectant blogger mom over there... I want to make this one.  

My cubicle mate The Cowgirl Cre (who taught he how to crochet back in 1999) and I were discussing this in the cubicle this morning. I think I will do an all green one (like the baby green above) with white stripes at the top and bottom. That is neutral enough for either a boy or a girl.

She approved. Yarn run to the southside in the rain this weekend!!  *multiple wide swooping cartwheels*

I also want to make another blanket for myself. 

Here is Oscar laying on the one I made back in 1999.

This is one time where he looks content... and not all surly.

That is a GREAT summer blanket because it has a lot of spaces. That lets the air circulate. It is in the upstairs bedroom. I think I will go get it and bring it downstairs to the main bedroom and use it. But with it being 13 years old, I think I need a new one.

That's it for me. Yes this was a long post!

I am prolific like that, man.

Oh.... Quote of the Day:

It is one thing to not like the things you do, but it is a whole nother problem when you don't like the person you are.

Really though. We don't even need to discuss that one. That says it all...  

Song of the Day. Canton Jones. I really like his music.

He was sitting in front of me in church one day and he turned around and I was cheesing hard and hollering "Canton Jones! I sho' do like your music!!!!!!!" 

He smiled and said thank you, but I know he had to be thinking... "What the world!!!!"


With that said, have a good weekend... by design... and ON PURPOSE.


  1. Write the vision on the wall... make it very plain so when the people see it they can run with it. <----YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS I've had a lot to happen because of this very thing :)

    Something I learned from you. WRITE IT DOWN!

  2. I tell you, LadyLee you are a very special woman. Thank you so much for sharing in our vision and standing in faith with us. I had to stop and pray and cry in the middle of this post.

    Oh, and Oscar Tyrone has that same look in every picture to me...but a mama knows the looks of her baby, so if you say he was content in that last pic, I'm going to go with it. LOL.

  3. Starts with a vision...I need to meditate on that one.

    Glad Oscar-Tyrone is doing well. I laugh every time you post his surly photos. He is keeping watch over you! LOL!

  4. Your blog makes me smile. A big ole cheesy smile. I think you're awesome


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