Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Monday Afternoon

Happy Monday Afternoon.

I am a bit O_O this morning.

I didn't go to sleep until 3:30 am this morning. Sigh. I don't know what that's about. I had a lot of electronic
stuff going on. I am reading a really good book right now by a sister in my class (I'll talk about it later in a book review). This book is some 500 pages long, and it is set during the 1950s. Her writing is blowing me away. So when I looked up to see what time it was, it was 3:30 am.

I was reading and had my earphones on, listening to some music on low. That's enough to keep me up. Sigh.

So let's just say, around 2:00 pm, this Oldgirl right here will be in serious need in a good nap.

I talked her ear off after class about her book, even though I'd read only 20 to 30 pages. I know she had to be like.... O_o..."What the world? Who is this person?" 

LOL.  Masterful writing makes me all talkative and giddy.

So I've been trying to dig in this book so I can REALLY talk her ear off next Thursday night.

I'm about 275 pages in, so I got a lot to say! Oh my!

Anyway, it rained cats, dogs, and frogs this Sunday in metro ATL. I was awakened by hard crashes of thunder and pouring rain on Sunday morning. And I was glad that it was Sunday Morning indeed. This meant I didn't have to get up and go to work. I can pick up church on the internet (which I usually do on Sundays anyway; I am a Friday or Wednesday evening churchy type of gal), and the sermon was exceptional, something me and my sister have been discussing profusely lately. So that's a good thing.

Anyway, it's quite funky looking outside, but it's suppose to be in the mid-80s all week. I've had about enough of this rain. I can't wait for a week of alllll sunshine. Goodness.

But for the most part, this was a lazy weekend. Lots of reading. I needed to do some writing. But I decided to save that for the evenings this week. I don't have much homework and I'm just working on rewrites, so that's cool.
Movie of the Week.  I went to see Star Trek Into Darkness this on Saturday.

I usually don't go to see movies on their opening weekend. Too many doggone folks, you know... and I don't like crowds. But I really like the first in this series, and I really wanted to see this sequel.

It was good. NOT as good as the first in the series. Sequels don't usually live up to the first movie.  But I saw it in 3D and that was alright. If I see a 3D movie, I try to see the IMAX 3D. This was the regular 3D, and it was ok. Next time, I need to drive out to the IMAX instead of sticking around the 'hood.

The villain in this movie was GREAT. To me, he made the whole movie. If I go see it again, it would be for him.

The storyline was good, but I think this movie was basically a set-up for several more movies.  And that's always a good idea, especially since they are revamping the franchise.

I give the move a solid B. Good movie.

We talked about this type of genre in class. It is called a "space opera". I saw those words on a hand-out and wondered what they meant, but someone else asked the question.

Space opera. Sounds interesting. But I'm not creative enough to write that type of stuff.
Song of the Week.  "The Boss" by James Brown

I've never heard this song before. Or maybe I was so young. I wasn't a James Brown fan when I was a child. I was more into Earth Wind and Fire, and the Emotions. James Brown hollered to much. Sigh.

I am reminded of sitting with my little brother looking through some family albums a few years ago at Grandma's house, and we came across a picture of one of our family members.

"Who's that James Brown looking dude?" my brother asked. 
I looked at the picture he was pointing out.
"Boy, that's our Aunt Jolene. Goodness."
"Oh snap, my bad," he said through his laughter. "My bad... I didn't know!"

*ladylee kicks the hard eyeroll*

Aunt Jolene did look like James Brown. Imagine James Brown with long fake eyelashes, bright baby blue eye shadow, bright red lipstick... and his signature perm a fiery auburn red with blonde streaks.

That was Aunt Jolene. She was one of the "messy" folk in the family. Kept up MUCH drama. I remember sitting around eavesdropping on serious adult conversations about some mess she had started. She was always nice to me, though. She called my great-grandmother "Doll Baby". I was never sure what that was about, but I found it amusing. She had some toy chihuahuas that I always looked forward to playing with.

She passed a couple of years ago. When I see James Brown now, I think of her.

I wish my brother and sister, who are so much younger than me, could've met some of the older generation of our family. They were some good people... and some serious characters indeed.

That's it for today.

You have a great week... not by default, but by design...



  1. You're the second person to talk about how good the villian was in Star Trek. I'll have to check it out. My daugher was watching The Blues Brothers over the weekend and she called out to me, "Ma, who is this on the screen?" It was James Brown. How can she not know who James Brown is??

    1. That villain was O_O. If he wasn't in the movie, then... I don't know. He made it HIGHLY interesting.

      I think I would have to be a true "trekkie" to understand who he is, because he is a throwback to the past. Very intersting. I may have to see it again to understand the total scope of it all. But believe this: they will get a good 3 or 4 movies out of that one movies.

      Your baby is of that age group who will not much about James Brown. Sigh.

      And I know she wasn't understanding what the world he was saying! LOL.

  2. I saw that over the weekend...well half of it watched me, but what I saw was pretty good. Jaelyn and Tony enjoyed it a WHOLE lot.


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