Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I like this quote...

My day goes so much better when I start the day off right. When I make some declarations over my day, everything goes smoother. When I decide the type of day I want to see, then life flows in that direction. I am more alert of the good of the day, and the bad doesn't have so much power.

That takes much faith. Or not much at all. But it does take faith.  Just a little will do.

So that quote speaks volumes to me. Definitely worth posting.


  1. I'm CLEARLY about to play catch up lol. I love this.
    I started doing this the first of this month and it's been WONDERFUL.

  2. I've spent the last month focusing on cleansing the old and trying my best to stay positive and decide each day to be happy. Amazing how the little things try to destroy it. So far it has gone remarkably well even with the holidays thrown in there. I'm printing this and putting it up somewhere prominent. Thanks for the reminder.


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