Tuesday, December 30, 2014

People Isshas (Vice-Versa)

These quotes hit close to home for me.

Why? Because I'm not really a people person. People look at me crazy when I say that.

I get a lot of "LadyLee, you're one of the nicest, kindest, most generous people I know!"

Yes I am. I do claim that... In the name of Jesus.

But that does not make me a "people person". Not in the least.

I do things for people I don't even like. Just because I may see something that they may like. And I usually roll with it. It is proof I don't have hatred in my heart. Well, proof to me.

I have been called an excellent judge of character. And I don't think it is that at all. I just have an interesting personality that doesn't mesh well with certain personalities. And I don't plan on changing. And I wouldn't want you to change.

I will meet you where you are. And I may walk off and leave you there.

I think of things on a time continuum these days.

I may be able to put up with you for awhile. But not forever. You may drain me for a few months. But you won't drain me for years. And vice-versa.

And you know me... I don't care to be a bother, and I don't want to exasperate people. I don't want to drain folks.

And some of the nicest people I know have a most interesting set of skills which include having to get along with everybody, no matter how they are treated. No matter how much their feelings are hurt, they deal with it.

I'm just not that person. And I don't apologize for it.

Plus it has made room for an onslaught of people who are a blessing to my life. And vice-versa.

I have worried about it for years. And as I get older, I worry about much less. I rarely even think about it.

Interesting what a couple of quotes make me think about... 

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  1. Girl, you know me. Get in where you fit in. However, I will remove myself or you when you start draining more than refueling me.


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