Friday, January 02, 2015

First Friday Freestyles


But not just any Friday.

It's the First Friday of the Month.

But not just any First Friday.

It's the First Friday of the Year!

So that makes it a special Friday.

Plus... It's PAYDAY!

Well, we got our checks on Wednesday. I didn't know that until I went to get money out of the ATM machine, and I saw the balance. As usual, I have fond thoughts of "Ball 'til you Fall!"  But that is fleeting. Mortgage is due, along with a variety of other bills. But there's nothing wrong with imagination, right?

This is the last day of my vacation. I have truly appreciated having an entire week off. Truly. I haven't gotten as much done around the house as I like. And that's alright. I got a few things done, and I will get more done.
I am immediately reminded of a slogan one of my classmates and I came up with in 20 years ago while drudging through grad school... 

"It's gonna get done. Why? Because it ALWAYS get done."

Always. So why fret. And if I fail, so what. Learn from it. And build. And find another way to get it DONE.

It always gets done. 

I do believe that I will implement that for my 2015. 

These are lazy days around the actual House of LadyLee. I have learned that from observing the daily behaviors of the kittens. 

Not sure I would call them kittens anymore. Callie is close to 9 months old, weighing 7 pounds, and Mitch is 6 months old weighing in at close to 8 pounds. Sorry, but they are CATS. I bet they are going to get twice as big as they are. And that is a bit scary.

And they have taken over the ottoman. There is no room for my feet anymore. Sigh. 

One thing I have learned from the cats is to learn how to rest.

They sleep all day, seems like. Then around 9 or 10 at night, they get super active, running up and down the stairs and all about.

But that's not what I'm talking about.

They don't worry about anything. They play. They eat. They sleep.

Oh yeah, and they lay around and groom. I read somewhere that cats spend some 3 hours a day grooming themselves. That's a lot of grooming.

But I notice that they aren't wrecked with worry. I understood the full meaning when I was living in New Orleans some 15 years ago (has it been that long?). Every Sunday, I would gather up our old bread scraps that I saved during the week and I would walk a few yards down to the pond in our apartment complex and feed the ducks and birds.

And I was reminded of that passage of scripture where Jesus said how God made sure the sparrows were taken care of. And that was always an example of that to me, when I would go feed bread that I had purchased with my money to some fowl who hadn't paid me for it.

I also began to extrapolate that to my cats. I know in New Orleans, I was a bit depressed about my marital situation and worried about finding a new job. I was worried about a lot of other stuff, too much to get into here.

But I would look at my cats, at that time being Jeremy and Oscar. And they were resting. Sleeping. Relaxing. Playing. Never fretting about much. Living the good life. I would have to buy food to feed them. I even cleaned their kitty litter. I took them to the vet if they needed to go.

They wanted for nothing.

And that verse of scripture stated something to effect of how God takes care of the birds, and we are more valuable than birds. How much more will he take care of us?

Well, I took care of the cats. They were never worried about nothing. Yet I was wracked with worry. Didn't make sense in the grand scheme of things. I began to understand over the years that if these cats ain't all worked up, well, I don't need to get worked up either. Pray and trust God to take care of me. End of story.

I still work on that. To this very day. The older I get, the deeper understanding of all of that gets. And that's a good thing.

And that may be the reason I like cats around. People laugh about this, because I say that I'm not a hardcore cat person. And that's the truth. Still is. (I know some hardcore cat people.)

So that's a mini-food for thought for your First Friday...

Song of the Week. Wouldn't it be quite RATCHET if I put up some cuss-riddled rap song right now? LOL!

I am putting up a rap song. It's not ratchet, though. It's some Wu-Tang. That's right, Wu-Tang has a new CD out. And I like this particular cut "Never Let Go".

Wu Tang! Wu Tang is for the children!... as the late member Old Dirty Bastard said long ago.

And there are some Martin Luther King, Jr. speech samples in there. I hope they cleared those samples. (Bad when you have to wonder about that).

I like that song. Positive. Have you heard some of this rap music these days? Ratchet isn't the word for it. Maybe I'm just getting old. But some of it sets my head on fire. Toooo much for me. Tooo much going on. How many bitches can one slap around and sex up? Just how much cocaine can one sell? How many bricks and bodies can you throw in the trunk of your sports car? I don't know. And I don't want to know or hear about it.

This is a softer Wu-Tang. They are older now, in their late 30s/early forties. Still grimy, but not on that teenage level. Thank goodness.

I like that song, though... especially the hook.

No matter what the odds be
No matter how hard, we...
We never let goooooooo!

That's a good Quote of the Week. Heck man, that's a good quote of the year.

What say you?

I say have a good first weekend of the year.

Not by default, but by design... and on purpose.


  1. Excellent food for thought and my motto for 2015: Pray and trust God.

  2. Anonymous12:54:00 AM

    the kitties seem to get along so well. We can learn a lot from Cats.

    Mary Jo


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