Thursday, January 15, 2015

Headlights Beaming

From time to time, I see headlights beaming around my house.

Not headlights from "Headlights" that occur when light hits Sister Callie's and Mitch's eyes.

Here they are on the beams running above the living room.

I laughed at something on TV, and that's the look they gave me that pretty much says "What's wrong with that chick?"  They haven't gotten into any fights up there, although Callie has been a little miffed that Mitch is blocking her way. It takes her a minute to walk the other way to the staircase.

Man... they gonna catch hell from me if they step out on that ceiling fan. Pure hell. That is all.

Callie likes to chase her tail while up there. I swear it's just to piss me off. No accidents so far.

I was watching a movie and listening to music on laptop, but I'd connected to a set of big speakers and a woofer that sits up on top of my bookcase.  Callie was skittish the whole time, running to and fro, as she thought someone was in the house.

I caught her sitting up on a step ladder.  When I went to take a picture, Mitch was in stun mode too.  He'd climbed on top of Callie's cage carrier.

I'm still laughing at Callie... just the look on her face, lol...

Okay. You had to be there. It was too funny.

It took awhile before I could figure out her problem was. I decided to spare her the shock of it all and turn off my speakers.

I may do it all again... just to amuse myself.

Maybe I won't.

It's still strange to catch those headlights beaming, though.

Oh so strange. 


  1. Their eyes look so funny lol

  2. Anonymous12:24:00 AM

    wow! Callie Jo has changed a lot! She doesn't even look the same color and she's grown! oh my! Now as for Lamar..why does he look like he's wearing a tie? and where in the world did you find such a sophisticated Cat? LOL I better read more..I'm playing catch up!
    Mary Jo


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