Monday, January 26, 2015

Good Monday Evening

Good Monday Evening!

I know, I haven't been blogging.  That's because a LOT has been going on.  I have been super busy...

Moving into a new cubicle space in the adjoining building.

Yes! New job in another group, and a new workspace...

And that seems to be what drove the whole driving force in the first place.

The drive for a new cubicle, that is...

But that is waaaaaay too deep for me to discuss here on blog. Way too deep.

I swear this is on some Lucy Jr. type of level, the things going on right now. And you know how long it took for me to fully understand, digest, and even fathom what was going on with Lucy Jr.

I will leave that for my personal tomes. Way too deep to scratch high up on the walls of The House of LadyLee.

Anyway, I had to move 13.5 years worth of stuff from one cubicle in one building to another cubicle in another building. Well, some 70% of it was legitimate paperwork, etc.  But 30% was stuff. Lot's of stuff, which became lots of trash. Ugh.

The first thing I did was move my nameplate. I did that because I looked at my old cubicle spot and had absolutely no idea what to do first when it came to cleaning and moving. So I just snatched my name plate off the wall, and laid claim to the new spot with my nameplate.  That was a start. And then in a hard marathon dash, I moved my belongings in two days straight.

I am not all that sure how it happened. I think I have some senority now. Someone went and mentioned that I wanted the cubicle to the person who makes that happen. It got approved by the union, and the rest is history.

When I got the email of approval, I broke out into a mess of hives. I was that excited. I had to take the next day off because my lips had turned into soup coolers. I was told to get it done because a new person would be starting on Monday and they could take the cubicle that I wanted and we could switch later.


NO. No need for folks to get comfortable in MY new cubicle then have to move. NO!

It was like a mad dash. I was tired as hell. But I got it done, complete with wiping down my old cubicle with lysol wipes. DONE.

I am happy to be in a new spot. Yes, I miss the Cowgirl Cre, who has been my cubicle mate for these past 13 years. And we have been friends for close to 20 years, and she knows me, the total arc of me... the good, the bad, the horrific and the ugly. It is difficult for me to deal with my "uniqueness", and still have my back unconditionally.Trust me, I spent much time thinking about that.  And I decided it is gonna be alright.

Cre has even been over here to see me a few times, and I appreciate it. We didn't discuss, but she understands. One of her many purposes and roles has been me to keep me calm and from cussing folks completely out. I think I will be alright now. I've grown quite a bit, I hope.

So that's what I have been up to. My mind is still whirling from these sudden good changes this year. And I suppose that's a good thing.

CD of the Month.  I listen to a ton of music since I have my Spotify account. Whatever CDs come out on Tuesdays, I'm on it. I can't tell you what the world comes on urban radio, as I don't listen to it. I rather pull up a CD and pick my favorite songs off of it.

One CD in particular caught my attention. That's because I really like some 80% of the songs. Jazmine Sullivan's Reality Show.

The back cover is funny...

Yeah... that's reality alright.

You know, I may go out and BUY the CD so I could just have it up in my 6 CD changer in Lucy Jr. (Yes, that car is 16 years old. I still have the cassette player in there, too. Ain't changing it!)

This chick knows how to tell a crazy story in her songs. She sure paints some interesting characters and situations. I love it!

Here are four of my favorite songs on the CD (warning: semi-explicit lyrics):

Wow. I like her. I Hope she does well with that CD.  That last song I posted makes me think the CD is a concept album, since it is one of the last songs on the album. Most of the songs are some pretty ratchet characters, but the last song is a song of self-love and acceptance.

That is it for me. Hopefully, I can get back on track. Maybe I can. We will see.

Would you like to see a story this week?

Hmm... we will see. It's been a long time since I've put up a story. That would be so cool. 

With that... have a good week!

On purpose.


  1. I just brought that CD last week! Not my favorite one by her but still a good CD. Congratulations again on the new job! You know I'd live to hear your deep story about the job. Similarly my new job I believe is divine timing and is going to help me personally and will tricks down into other areas that need addressing. I will explain that better on the phone.

    And yes gone and post one of your fabulous stories for us to read :)

    1. Go girl on the new job, and uh... we are long overdue for a convo. Meant to call you Sunday, but it was too late.

      That is a good CD. It made me go back and listen to both of her old ones.

      And yes, I think I will post up a story later this week!

  2. Hey, we missed you! Congratulations on your new job and your new Cube. You won't have to cuss anybody out...folks knowing that you MIGHT let a cussing loose will keep them in check.

    I need to check out Jazmin's new CD. I saw her in concert back in the "Bust Yo Windows" out days.

  3. You know I have been saying "CONGRATS!!!" since you found out. This is an awesome blessing! We will be fine because you know I will burst up over there to visit and eat my lunch in your cube. I stopped by this AM to get some coffee from the Bristro across from you. We will have to go out to celebrate your new job and your up coming b-day. It is really awesome to see deserving people get promoted. I will miss rolling to the middle of our cube to see how long before our next paid holiday or sharing stories and quotes. My new cubicle mate is too nice to mean mug my superviser when he comes around my desk. I will miss your protection for instances like that. Your have move to what we call Bankhead part of the building bc yall heat and air is always messed up. You know how in the bad areas you can get more house for same money .. you got more cube space now! LOL! I pray you have much success in you new position. They dont really understand how blessed they are to have you on their team. (TRUTH) Ginae Congrats on your new too!! (** CowgirlCre throws confetti for you both**) Sorry I was so long winded but LadyLee is my girl !!

    1. Thank you Cowgirl Cre! Oh go ahead and be long winded about your girl Ladylee. Its obvious y'all have a great friendship and ate very fond of each other. We all live us some ladylee :)

    2. Me and my typos.. Lol..ate = are and live = love

  4. Oh and over the years we have had all kinds of fun in our cube. This is one of my favorites.

  5. Anonymous12:16:00 AM

    Congrats on the move! Change is good especially if it brings Peace with it.
    Mary Jo


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